5 Unusual Gift Ideas for the Valentine`s Day 2018

5 Unusual Gift Ideas for the Valentine`s Day 2018

The big Love Day is coming, and many of us are busy preparing presents for those whom we love. Some prefer to choose traditional gifts such as jewelry, teddy bears, gadgets or perfumes, while others wish to surprise their loved ones with something a bit more unique and creative. What to choose if you are looking for an unusual Valentine`s day present? Check out our list of outstanding gift ideas to make the Valentine`s day 2018 joyful and unforgettable.

Love Quest
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Receiving Valentine`s gifts is always pleasant, but it is way more enjoyable to search for a present using funny and romantic tips from a partner. You can prepare a quest for your loved one with creative clues on the way to his/her gift. Such love quest can take place in the limits of an apartment, but it is also possible to expand horizons and to organize your game outside – for example, in a picturesque park nearby. While making quest, you can use all your fantasy and creativity: make your couple solve riddles, carry out interesting tasks and use his/her logic and imagination. However, it is recommended to avoid too many complications: it should be an easy love game, but not a mission impossible. You may involve your friends or even staff of an event company to make your romantic quest more entertaining and exciting. Your second half will surely appreciate such an amusing present.
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Spontaneous Trip
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Spontaneous decisions always bring more colors and passion into our lives. Just imagine: your darling wakes up in the morning on the Valentine`s Day and suddenly finds two tickets to some amazing place for a weekend and sees two bags that are already packed for a trip! After such a fascinating gift, he/she will fall in love with you even more than before! Of course, tickets to some hot country is one of the most preferable options in cold February, but a local journey may also bring you numerous unforgettable moments. For example, the Black Sea in charming Odesa is beautiful and inspiring in any season, and a wooden cottage with a fireplace somewhere in the Carpathians is a great place to dive into the atmosphere of warmth and love while observing lovely winter mountains view.
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Dancing Together
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Pair dance is a perfect way to evolve passion and mutual understanding in a couple. Elegant and vivid dancing moves make man and woman act as a team, learning to feel partner and to know his/her emotions and reactions. Sounds just excellent for the Valentine`s Day! You may get an individual dance lesson for you and your beloved in a dancing studio, where experienced professionals will help you to move in a right way, to feel your body and to adjust to your partner. If you want something passionate, it is reasonable to choose Latin dances such as salsa, tango and bachata; if you prefer to bring more romance into your relationship, you may try something calmer, for example, classic waltz. Wearing special beautiful clothes and photo or video shooting of your dancing session will make your Valentine`s dance the most lovely and memorable.
Romantic Photo Session
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Taking your couple for a professional romantic photo session in a studio or at some beautiful location outside is another great option for celebrating the Valentine`s. The good thing is that you do not have to prepare for a session: any photo studio has its own stylists and make-up artists, so all you need is just to take your beloved with you and go there. A professional love-story photo session is a wonderful chance to capture the beautiful moments of your loving relationship. You may chose some unusual concept of photo session according to hobbies, lifestyle preferences of you and your couple. Presenting your loved one an elegant photo frame or a stylish album for your new pictures will be the best finishing touch for this Valentine`s gift.
Participation in a Creative Workshop
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Maybe your partner has been dreaming to try some activity for a long time, or he/she even already has some creative hobby? In this case, registering your loved one (and also yourself, if you are interested) for a thematic workshop will be the right choice. An art-related lesson or a workshop is a good option to have fun, to learn new skills and to show fantasy and creativity. You may give your beloved an opportunity to attend a painting workshop, to record a song in a studio, to do some hand-made, to try him/herself as an actor, musician or photographer, to cook new delicious dish based on a complicated recipe or to design fashionable clothes and jewelry. The list of possible options is almost endless, so you may just choose what your loved one will surely like and then get ready to enjoy his/her expression of gratefulness and delight.
Using these gift ideas for the Valentine`s day, you can spend this holiday with your loved one in the most bright and exciting way.
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