5 Unusual Things To Do in Lviv

5 Unusual Things To Do in Lviv

Just when you think you’ve seen it all… this selection of Lviv-based 5 unusual things to do will get you off the beaten track offering some of the hidden delights of this beautiful city.

#1 La Farme d’Elise

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10 years ago Bernard Vilem from Belgium moved to Ukraine and created some serious cheese business from a scratch. Goat cheeses from La Farme d’Elise are well known and in high demand among European gastronomers as well as local foodies. Take a short car ride from busy touristy city center to see a real European-style working farm, watch the milk move from goat to dairy, from curd to cheese.

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Meet friendly goats, try to milk them, learn how to make goat cheese. Hosts also offer cheese tastings upstairs in rustically chic refurbished hay loft. Before you head home, don’t forget to stock up on farm made butter, marmalade and of course cheese in local shop. 
How to find: Dmytrovychi Village, Lviv Region, 3 km from Sudova Vyshnya town. Tour reservation required by phone +380676734970
#2  Voodoo Wakeboard park

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It could get really hot in Lviv during summer days as the only thing this city is lacking is water in a form of river or lake. Voodoo Wakeboard park is a place to go to carve up the waves and ride the wake just outside Lviv.

5 unusual lviv 4Photo: @imrost, @chayka13

Voodoo’s professional instructors make wakeboarding fun and easy to learn for all, no matter what your skill level. Feel the thrill of wakeboarding riding the waters of little cozy lake and chill to some reggae tunes with ice-cold drink after in the Voodoo beach bar. 
How to find: Bryukhovychi Lake near Lviv
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#3  Lviv Jagellon Airport

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Photo: Jagellon Lviv Airport Facebook 
Fancy a flight in a helicopter or small jet to view all of Lviv attractions from another perspective? Then pay a visit to Lviv Jagellon Aiport. This is a perfect way to see famous landmarks and stunning scenery as well as try to actually fly a plane as pilot’s assistant. Jagellon Aiport offers a good selection of new, safe & totally cute aircrafts to choose from, however prior reservation is highly recommended.
How to find: Polyova str. 71, Cherlyany village, Gorodok district, Lviv Region. Prior reservation required by phone +380322959737
#4 Olga & Elizabeth Cathedral tower

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Photo: @trshnvsk, @taras__s
It’s always exciting to discover a city from above… Lviv makes no exception with its spectacular monuments and landmarks. Lviv High Castle & Ratusha tower viewing platforms are swarming with tourists and you can end up staring at people’s shoulders after climbing what feels like a million flights of stairs. Thankfully, there is much better option all the tourists don’t know about…yet. 

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Order a coffee to go from your favorite coffee-shop & take a short tram ride towards Main Railway Station. You will spot this magnificent gothic Cathedral right away. The view from Olga & Elizabeth tower is truly magical & you can enjoy your coffee and take numerous selfies for as long as you like.
How to find: Pryvokzalna square, Lviv.
#5 Franko University Botanical Garden
2 years ago Franko University Botanical Garden opened its doors to visitors. This is one of the oldest European Botanical Gardens in Europe with greenhouses dating back to Austro-Hungarian Empire.

5 unusual lviv 10Photo: @sashaaboiko, @anna.boyarintseva

Now you can visit a living plant museum every Saturday and Sunday giving charitable donation fee at the entrance. Roam around huge greenhouses, gain fresh insight while exploring the urban oasis, taking a break from city hustle and bustle. Take a blanket and sandwiches with you to enjoy your lunch on manicured green lawns under vivid vegetation and blossoms.
How to find: Cheremshyny str., 44, Lviv. 
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We believe even most experienced travellers will find one or two things to add to their bucket lists next time they visit Lviv after checking out our top 5 unusual things to do in Lviv.


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