5 Useful Things To Pack When Traveling

5 Useful Things To Pack When Traveling

Sometimes it can be hard to tell what items on your packing list will actually be helpful once you’re on your trip and which things you’ll wish you left at home. Of course, it always depends on your destination, climate, planned activities and so on, however, there is always a list of things that would be useful no matter where you are traveling.

Packing Cubes

One might think that packing cubes are bit of a gimmick, a way for companies to squeeze a little bit more money out of you while adding no real benefit. However, many experienced travelers agree that packing cubes (or any other alternative soft packing containers) are such an easy and effective way to keep your backpack organized when you’re on the road and are well worth the money. Pick those, which are lightweight and take up literally no space when they’re not being used. You usually won’t need many, just 3 or 4 of different sizes to fit your clothes and other travel essentials.
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Quick-Drying Towel

Long Microfiber Towel By Soak Up Multipurpose Quick Dry Super Absorbent Slip Resistant Anti Bacterial Lightweight Premium Material Can Absorb Water Sweat with Ease 0
This one mostly refers to times when you are going camping or backpack traveling. Quick-drying towels are not the most fashionable items on the market, but they are worth their (not very significant) weight in gold. There is nothing worse than carrying a damp towel around in your backpack, especially if it’s also big and bulky. Look for a towel that is close to full-sized, folds up small and does not weigh much. You can hang these out on the end of any hostel bunk bed and they’ll be dry by morning. Bringing your own lightweight towel is also wise economic decision because although you can rent towels from almost any hostel, the cost of renting them quickly adds up.

Power bank

Jackery Bar Premium Aluminum iPhone Charger External Battery 6000mAh Portable Charger Power Bank 1024x768
Stop worrying about dead batteries on the road. Bring a compact, lightweight power bank device with you so you’ll be able to recharge your phone, iPod, iPad or any other device literally on the road.

Wet Wipes and hand sanitizer

drinking hand sanitizer
A pack of wet wipes and a bottle of hand sanitizer are two good items to toss in your travel bag before you go traveling regardless the destination. These are useful for a multitude of things: no soap/paper towels in public restroom, sticky fingers after quick bite, freshening up after the long flight, etc.

An Offline or Paper Map

Spontaneity and map
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Nowadays, most people just use Google Maps or other offline map app on their phone when they’re navigating around a new place. However, this can make you a real target for theft, and if you’re going to be away from a power outlet all day, using your phone constantly just won’t work. Plus, if you don’t turn off your data, you can wind up with a gigantic bill at the end of your trip. Pack a small map of the area that you’ll be staying in with your luggage, and you’ll never worry about getting lost in an unfamiliar area again.

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