A Comprehensive Guide to Cycling in Kyiv

A Comprehensive Guide to Cycling in Kyiv

The bicycle issue has always been a hot topic for Ukraine’s capital, but in the latest years it truly came out on the higher level. In 2018, Kyiv City Administration approved a plan for developing the city’s bicycle infrastructure with an impressive budget of UAH 50 million. While the authorities do their thing, Destinations made a guide for those who want to put their bikes to good use in Kyiv: best bike rental, cycling tracks, workshops and much more.

The concept of reinventing Kyiv’s bicycle infrastructure is, in fact, a part of the larger project, namely the city’s development strategy. Finally approved this year, the document raises an ambitious aim — to construct safe space for cyclists of Kyiv and stimulate more dwellers to use bicycles instead of cars. Up to date, there’s only one official bicycle route Troieshchyna – European Square that makes up 41 kilometers in total.
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The new plan includes establishing more than 240 kilometers of bicycle routes in the nearest years, as well as up to 16 kilometers of bicycle tracks merged with public transport lane. Thus, we can expect a new bicycle route Poshtova Ploshcha — Paton Bridge in the nearest future. By 2025 Kyiv is expected to boast of three main routes: Vynohradar — Downtown, Solomianka — Downtown, and Obolon — Podil. Besides, metro stations will be equipped with bicycle parking, which will ensure comfortable trips on public transport for cyclists.
Cycling Spots in Kyiv
While bicycle as a means of transport isn’t exactly attractive in Kyiv, there are many places equipped for recreation by the local clubs. Most of them are located on multiple islands or in vast parks, which combines business with the pleasure of changing the poor city air to crisp nature.
Kyiv Cycle Track

Neatly tucked in the downtown, Kyiv Cycle Track has been the center of bike life in the city ever since 1913. Luckily, it has been recently renovated by the city’s administration after being dilapidated for almost a decade. The track is 286 meters long and has different inclination angles where professionals can polish their skills. A free cycling school for kids and bike rental are available here. Besides, a Vietnamese café Tin Tin is located right near the track.
Muromets’ / People’s Friendship Park

One of the most popular locations for local cyclists, the route from the Muromets (or most commonly known as People’s Friendship) Park to the Muromets Island is equipped with a bicycle track, suitable for rookies and professionals. Besides, the island hides a pump track. The route is 8,4 kilometers long and takes 40 minutes to complete. The territory has numerous cafes and bike rentals.
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Obolon Quay

The long asphalt quay seems to have been made specifically for bikes. Firstly, the surface makes it easy to navigate and take a stop to enjoy the picturesque views of the Dnieper River. Obolon Quay has various cafes and supermarkets, so picnic might be a logical continuation of the bike trip. The route is suitable for rookies, being only 4,1 kilometer long. Two bike rentals are available near the Quay.
Syretskyi Park

The park itself is a small paradise of nature hidden among the Kyiv’s busy roads near the Syrets metro station. Visited mostly by locals from the neighboring houses, it’s a perfect location for quiet cycling and cherishing nature. Rookies might want to keep to the steep track, while those experienced will enjoy hills abundant in the park. The surface is changing from asphalt to soil, with an overall length of the route being 2,4 kilometers.
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Holosiivskyi National Nature Park

One more route that lets one enjoy the wonders of fresh air away from the busy streets, Holosiivskyi Park is nevertheless pretty easy to reach – orient on the Expocenter of Ukraine located on the Vystavkovyi Tsentr metro station. The territory is truly vast – more than 45 square kilometers riddled with unique and sometimes rare trees, bushes and flowers. The lucky ones have a chance to meet curious squirrels, swans, and twittering birds. Due to the diversity of the spot, local cyclists make routes considering for their skills and needs. For instance, there’s a 6,3-kilometer route on asphalt and soil suitable for those with minimum cycling experience. Information signs installed on the routes won’t let the enthusiasts get lost in Holosievo. There are three bike rental spots located near the Expocenter of Ukraine.

Finally, much beloved by the locals Pushcha-Vodytsia is not only a nice get-away spot for a weekend but also a popular cycling location. The solid soil route occasionally changed by sand makes up 11,7 kilometers in total. Experienced cyclists advice to skip this location in case it has rained a day or two before, as the bike might get stuck in the mud. Pushcha-Vodytsia is easily reached by tram #12 that goes from Kontraktova Ploshcha. There is a bike rental on the spot.
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Bike Rental in Kyiv

While there isn’t one unified state system, there are still plenty bike rentals available in the capital. Most of them are logically located near the popular cycling routes. As a rule, rentals have standard bikes for adults and children, and some offer tandems for fun experience. The most popular ones are the following:
Where: Expocenter of Ukraine, Muromets Park, Mezhyhirya, Pyrohiv, Nyvky Park
Price: starting UAH 75 per hour
Велократiя / Velokratia
Where: Muromets Park, Mezhyhirya, Pyrohiv
Price: starting UAH 75 per hour
Where: Expocenter of Ukraine, Holosiivskyi National Nature Park, Muromets Park
Price: UAH 55-75 per hour depending on the location
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Buying and Repairing Bikes in Kyiv
Up to date, there are hundreds of spots to buy a bike in Kyiv that will satisfy the needs of professionals and beginners. Apart from selling bikes themselves, these stores also provide with all the needed equipment and sometimes a repair warranty.
This large chain of sport goods stores has multiple locations in all regions of the country, including several spots in Kyiv. Sportmaster offers bikes depending on age (for adults and children) and purpose (city and mountain bikes).
Address: Ukraina, Ocean Plaza, DreamTown Shopping Malls, 28, Lesi Ukrainky Boulevard, 14A, Mykoly Bazhana Avenue
This spot offers the full range repair services for mountain bikes from tuning to upgrading. To name but a few options, painting frames and other metal parts, replacing worn details and overall tuning are available here. Besides, Veloprostir organizes workshops and bike tours in different regions in Ukraine.
Address: 11, Ivana Mykolaichuka Street
Multiple Kyiv stores have everything needed to start cycling in Kyiv: from various bike models and safety equipment to separate details and instruments. Cycling clothes for hot and cold seasons are available in all sizes, including ones for kids. The capital’s cyclists can rent and repair their vehicles here as well.
Address: 51/102, Lva Tolstoho Street; 15, Nyzhnii Val Street; 24/1, Mykoly Bazhana Avenue; 92/1, Holosiivskyi prospect
We wish you a great ride!
Route source: gloss.ua.
Photo source: shutterstock.com, unsplash.com. All images belong to their rightful authors.


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