A Couple of Days in Odesa

A Couple of Days in Odesa

This city is famous not only thanks to the Black Sea but also for many palaces, monuments, theaters and its atmosphere of hospitality. There are cozy cafes, luxurious hotels and restaurants and the best beach clubs over here.

Deribasovska Street
This is historic part of the city where every house, every street, every courtyard attract tourists.

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Each of these places is imbued with the spirit of history, incredible architectural details and a number of interesting stories.
Deribasovska is not only the most beautiful street in Odessa but also the most famous one. It is the place from where you start to explore the city. The street is paved with stone blocks and is only for pedestrians. There are a lot of city attractions which combine history and modernity over here.
Opera House and its surroundings
One of the most beautiful opera houses in Europe is worth a visit.

Do not forget to look around on your way to the Opera - every house in Odessa is unique. Residential buildings are decorated with small statues and have very special window decor.
The Opera House was built by Fellner and Helmer in the style of Viennese baroque. The auditorium is performed in late French rococo style. The unique acoustics of the place allows you to hear even a whisper from the stage from any place.
The Old Park
The oldest Park in Odessa is located close to the Opera House.

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Here you will enjoy cozy and clean alleys, comfortable benches and the atmosphere of harmony.Great musical fountain is located in the back part of the Park. It is better to enjoy play of light and music in the evening starting from 9 p.m. and up to 11.30 p.m. Majestic music and five colors of light create a real water show.

Potemkin Stairs
The Stairs was built in 1837. It was a gift of Prince Vorontsov to his wife.

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The length of the stairs is 142 meters and it is made of 192 steps. The top of the stairs seems perfectly straight. This effect Odessa engineers have achieved with the help of perspective construction: the bottom of the stairs is 7 meters wider than the top. On top of the stairs you can find amazing panorama of the harbor; you will see the sea port and the gulf of Odessa from there.
Sea Port
Potemkin Stairs leads you to the seaport.

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You can take 40-minute boat tour on the waterfront. After the tour you may see the port itself. The large passenger liners come into this port in summer time.
Aerial Ropeway
This is an unusual transport which helps you to get from the beach to Frantsuzsky Boulevard (French Boulevard). You have to jump in and jump out of it while it moves very slowly. You will enjoy nice views on your way.
Privoz Market
The first Privoz buyers and traders appeared in 1827. Since then, the market changed a lot. But no matter how advanced it has become, at first glance it is a typical bazaar where you can taste the local food and buy the best and the freshest fish. On Privoz, as on the Turkish Grand Bazaar, you should definitely bargain.

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Privoz has a lot of interesting stories. According to one of them the treasure is hidden somewhere on the market territory. It was the treasure of the former market owner who disappeared one day and was never found.
Odessa catacombs cover the underground workings of XIX and early XX centuries. This is a grand system of partly linked underground quarries. The history of Odessa catacombs is not fully investigated till now. To get there you can book a tour.
Arcadia Beach in Summer time
"Arcadia" beach is located in the Primorsky part of Odessa near Arcadia Park. It is considered to be one of the main attractions of the city. There are plenty of good restaurants and nightclubs on the beach. At night Arcadia turns into a popular place for night parties.

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If you want to get away from the present and plunge into history you should visit the palaces and museums of Odessa. Vorontsov Palace is an architectural pearl of Odessa. It is located at the end of Primorsky Boulevard. Irrespective of the fact that the palace is a mixture of different architectural styles it gives the impression of lightness and elegance.
You will get familiar with Odessa during these couple of days but in order to know the city well you’d better start planning the next trip. You will definitely want to come back here again!


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