Pros and Cons of Living in Lviv

Pros and Cons of Living in Lviv

Lviv has become one of the most frequently visited cities of Ukraine in recent years. These days it’s a booming European city with vibrant business and cultural life. The city is growing and developing fast and many people move to Lviv from all over Ukraine as well as from abroad. We narrowed down some key pros and cons of living in Lviv.


Cozy apartmentThese days Lviv looks like a giant construction site: companies are building whole new districts around the city. Despite the great variety of the newly-built condominiums and houses, the demand is comparably high and real estate prices are not cheap. However, the rate is still are much lower than in Kyiv or Odesa. Finding a good apartment or house in Lviv for rent or purchase may be quite challenging and would probably take a lot of time, but real estate prices in Lviv are definitely among pros of living in this city.


Nice bicycle on the streetLviv is a relatively small and compact city compared to Kyiv or major cities of Eastern Ukraine. The central part of Lviv reminds of a typical mid-size European city. In case you reside and work in one of the old areas of Lviv, you will be just fine without a private car. However, this will involve a lot of foot work and taking public transport on some occasions. Lviv has a long-time struggle for a decent public transport infrastructure. Sadly, the situation is far from being regarded as satisfactory. Lviv public transport system is still quite chaotic. Besides, parking can be definitely considered to be a con of living in Lviv. The legitimate parking space in the city is almost nonexistent. Luckily, you can always get a bike - Lviv is among the most bike-friendly cities in Ukraine. 

Fine Dining

Outdoor restaurantMany people who come to visit Lviv would probably name its dining and wining scene among top pros of living here. It is true - the amount of atmospheric restaurants and bars is indeed quite impressive. Her you won't feel a lack of options for dining out, partying, enjoying fine wine and well-mixed drinks. However, this can be also considered one of the cons of living in Lviv - many locals admit it became very hard to live in Lviv downtown with big groups of tourists partying 24/7 and often bringing all the fun out on the streets. Lviv turned into very touristic city, so when considering the area to rent or buy an apartment, you might think twice before opting for Lviv’s downtown.

Traveling Opportunities

Beautiful castle in LvivLviv also a very good geographical location with access to the rich nature of the region. Living in Lviv means that many ski areas, picturesque mountains, balneological resorts and medieval castles are only a short drive away. This is definitely one of the most attractive places to live in case traveling and exploring is your thing. Another pro of living in Lviv is safety. Lviv is considered one of the safest cities of Ukraine: many people park their cars near their homes without bringing them to the guarded parking lots - it’s considered to be a common thing for Lviv.
The gem of Western Ukraine is evolving each day to become a better place to live and visit.
Photo sources: Ruslan Lytvyn /, All images belong to their rightful owners. 

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