Pros and Cons of Living in Kyiv

Pros and Cons of Living in Kyiv

Kyiv is well-known as a wonderful city where you will surely love to live in. If you are looking for a modern city with comfortable standard of living and picturesque views at the same time, this is surely what you need.

Visitors come here to learn Ukrainian history, to understand the mentality of the people, to get an education, to start a business or live here with family. Everyone who comes to Kyiv has their own reasons to visit this city, but in each case it is definitely worth it. Foreigners admire the unity and strength of the Ukrainian people, the diversity of opportunities, entertainment, the magnificence of architecture and culture. That's why many visitors of this adorable city are in a hurry to personally get acquainted with Kyiv.

Business in Kyiv

Business district in KyivFor business people, Kyiv is quite interesting because the Business Center of Kyiv is expanding and growing fast, new niches for business appear. Kyiv offers a lot of opportunities and quick career growth to a person with a working motivation. It especially works out with new business lines, as Kyiv continues to develop rapidly following other European capitals. So, if you want to start a business somewhere, you would not find a better place. But be sure to find a good consulting company which can help you with all law and tax peculiarities of the country.

Cost of Living

Metro in KyivFor students or those who want to feel like a resident of Kyiv, it also has a lot of pros. In the afternoon, the city is calm and peaceful, and at night it turns into a beautifully lit capital. Kyiv is very affordable - it is the cheapest city among the European capitals and this fact will be the benefit any visitor, regardless of his or her purpose of arriving in Kyiv. So, the cheapest option of accommodation in the hostel will cost about USD 10 per day, a full meal of dishes of delicious Ukrainian cuisine, like borscht or roast, will not cost more than USD 5. The transport system is well-developed and the journey with the subway will cost only approximately 30 cents (UAH 8). For those who prefer an easier transportation method, taxi will suit perfectly and will cost about USD 5. So, Kyiv is a very comfortable and pleasant city for living; it is incredibly clean and has a widely developed infrastructure.

Recreation and Culture

Motherland Monument in KyivHowever, even these facts are not the most pleasant in Kyiv. This city will amaze you with its versatility and beauty. Anyone who gets to the capital of Ukraine will be pleasantly surprised at how the old and new styles of architecture are combined in Kyiv. Everyone here will easily name you the main sights, such as the grandiose Motherland monument, the Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War, the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and Andrew's Descent. The majestic Dnipro River, which divides the city in two parts, creates beautiful recreational areas such as beaches and islands with beautiful nature. Cafés and restaurants, which are located on both banks, provide an overlooking of the river that will surely admire you.
The park of Friendship of Peoples, an immense space between the left and right banks of the Dnipro, can be considered one of the most wonderful places for rest. Having come here on a day off, you can just take a walk, take part in bicycle races, rally, ride on rollers or segways, or relax in the shade of trees with a cool drink. One more great pleasure is the opportunity to go out on a picnic, without leaving the city. Kyiv hills also provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy the scenery of the city due to many sightseeing areas in the capital.

Cons for Foreign Visitors

Busy roads in KyivThe problem that a foreigner can encounter in Kyiv is that not all locals and service staff of various establishments speak English. However, taking into account the development of the city and the influx of foreign tourists and various international companies, more people are motivated and learn English, so this fact will not bring much inconvenience. One more con can happen when you travel to Kyiv by car. The roads in Ukraine are not of the best quality so it's best to always drive carefully.
Despite of the cons, Kyiv still has many pluses to make it a good choice for living. The beauty of ancient Kyiv will not leave anyone indifferent. It is hospitable, bright, cozy, and ancient, full of positive energy and a lot of amazing places. The impression from any Kyiv landscape stays in memory for a long time. The city is full of admiring sceneries, storing centuries-old history, and living here gives a lot of impressions, conveniences and opportunities.
Photo sources: MaxxjaNe, Martyn Jandula / All images belong to their rightful authors.

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