Aktove Canyon in Ukraine

Aktove Canyon in Ukraine

Aktove canyon is one of the most unique and beautiful places in Ukraine. It starts near Petropavlovka village and extends along twisting channel of Mertvovod River on the territory of Voznesensk region in Mykolayiv oblast. This natural phenomenon, which has no analogues in Europe, is similar to the famous North America canyons by its geological characteristics and landscapes. Aktove canyon impresses tourists with breathtaking views. At sunrises, the canyon rocks` color turns to peach pink, which can serve as an explanation of Aktove canyon`s second name – “The Devil`s Valley”.

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Aktove canyon is a result of crack of a huge granite plate. The age of canyon hard rock is four billion years. The depth of canyon reaches 50-60 meters, which is the hight of 20-storey building. The territory of canyon embraces over 250 hectares. Aktove canyon is located in the valley of Mertvovod River, which is tributary of Yuzhny Bug River.
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Lots of tourists are attracted to Aktove canyon by the incredible beauty of cliffs, rocks and treed slopes. The conditions of Aktove canyon is not typical for its climatic zone, so uncommon plants such as mountain tulip grow there. The local flora includes more than 900 types of plants, 26 of which are mentioned in the Red Book of Ukraine. The fauna list includes lizards, water snakes, numerous birds and even reindeers. Tourists can bathe in small beautiful waterfalls with crystal-clear waters, which are believed to have healing powers, enjoying silence and freshness. The photographers will feel in Aktove canyon like in paradise, impressed by unbelievably spectacular views.
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The natural complex of Aktove canyon, as well as all Mertvovod banks, are part of “Bugsky Grad” national nature park. The rugged relief of this area is not so good for rafting, but is excellent for extreme alpinism. Tourists that come here are often surprised by the cleanness of canyon. Though obvious attractiveness of this place, it is not a common touristic object. Aktove canyon is mostly visited by alpinists and eco-tourists. Sometimes it feels like the place was never visited by humans. Majestic rocks, spreading trees and birds` songs – all look the same like thousand years ago.
Rituals of ancient tribes were held in canyon, which contribute to the special mystic aura of this location. Many Scythian kings are buried in the valley, which is reflected in the records of Aristotle.
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How to reach Aktove canyon:
By public transport. First, reach Voznesensk town by bus or train going from Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kyiv or Vinnitsa. Then change to bus or take a taxi to Trykraty village.
By car. Move along Mykolaiv-Kyiv high-road, turn to the direction of Trykraty village before Voznesensk town.
Discover the unbelievable beauty of nature in Aktove canyon in Ukraine.
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