Aroma Park In Kyiv

Aroma Park In Kyiv

Photo: depositphotos.comGrushko Kyiv Botanical Garden opens the first in Ukraine Aroma Park (aroma garden). Here the visitors will have a chance to experience unique palette of herbal and flower fragrances.

A separate area in the botanical garden now accommodates lush groves of thyme, rosemary, lemon blossom, basil and lavender. The Aroma Park has over half a hectare surface and many different aromatic plants.
Aroma Park in Kyiv is an ideal place to have a walk and enjoy the nature in the middle of unique and spectacular environment which shall become a beautiful spot in the capital of Ukraine.
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Each season will bring new palette of fragrances. In the nearest future the organizers of the Aroma Park in Kyiv plan to turn this place into handicap-friendly area. There will be descriptions of plans in braille, as people with vision impairment will especially enjoy visiting the Aroma Park. They can’t see the beauty of the plants, but here they will have the chance to experience the beauty of various scents.
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Photo: Grushko Botanical Garden FB page
Guests of Grushko Botanical Garden can enjoy the fragrant experiences until early days of winter.
Address: 1, Timeryazevsla street. Kiev Botanical Garden, Druzhba Norodov Station

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