Assistant Buro in Kiev

Assistant Buro in Kiev

If you are looking for any assistance while being in Kiev you can get help in Assistant Buro which provides high level services to locals and foreigners. “Destinations” met with Nika Koverina, its creative founder.

How did you get an idea of creating such a company? Tell us please about it. Which services do you offer? How do you conduct communication with the customer? What can you tell about your staff?
The idea to create a service for women had appeared long time ago. I wanted to make the life of busy successful women and working mothers a bit easier. Finally, the idea of the company had been formed a year and a half ago, when I came across something similar in the U.S. This is great when you can entrust something urgent and important to somebody else.

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The Assistant Buro provides assistant "on demand" for a specific task, assignment or project. After all, not everyone needs permanent assistant on the payroll. But often there are urgent tasks that need to be done, and a person does not have time for this. There is a wide variety of possible assistance types: personal, domestic or professional one. Lately a lot of women who start their own businesses have appeared; as such, they need qualified assistance initially. Due to that reason they use our service. I think this is a good indicator of confidence in our services.
Communication with customers takes place in a convenient for the customer way: personal meetings, phone calls, e-mail, convenient messengers. In our work we focus primarily on convenience and comfort of customers. We have assistants, we are the assistants. This is a primary goal and the most important rule.
Who is your main client? Are they mostly women?
Yes, the service was originally arranged for women. But in one year the men also started using our service.

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How often do foreigners ask for your help and what services do you offer them? Are there any language barriers?
Well, I can’t say that foreigners use the service very often because we haven’t worked in this direction persistently. But there were such cases and all the parties were satisfied. There is no language barrier. English is the universal language of communication. Talking about orders from foreigners I can say that they are associated mainly with domestic issues and with getting settled in the city. For example, we have been searching for an English-speaking piano teacher for the kid from the foreign family that lives here in Kiev. And then these people also asked us to arrange a rest outside the city. Some of the foreign clients were looking for the instructions on the registration documents, health-related and beauty services, and so on.

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What challenges do you face in your work?
The main difficulties occurred at the very beginning: the selection of staff, development of payment schemes. Some people think that we are a recruiting agency. But these are little things.
Has the quality of services been changing in our country within the recent years for better?
For sure we go forward; we grow and strive to make the service sector a high quality one, close to the world standards. And after that many years of “soviet approach when people have been humiliated by public authorities it is a big pleasure to get high-level service and to become a beloved clients.

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Please, give a basic advice to a foreigner who is going to come to Ukraine and to live here. What is important to know and where to go in case of need?
It is important to know that we are not wild people and hindward country. We have excellent hotels, fine dining, high-level medical services and, what is the most important, we are ready to help. I can say with confidence that there are high level concierge services in addition to our company, where you can get assistance and necessary information, in Ukraine.
Welcome to Ukraine!
Assistant Buro contacts:
+38 097 909 90 49

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