Specifics of Ukrainian National Character

woman in national Ukrainian clothes

When coming to a new country, is it very useful to know special features of its dwellers` character in advance. This knowledge will surely help to avoid confusing situations and to establish good relations with everyone. We all know that Italians are open and emotional, Norwegians are calm and strong-willed, Germans are practical and serious… And what about Ukrainians?

Ukrainians are courageous and freedom-loving

people on demonstration
Ukrainians are famous for being real bravehearts from the times of Cossacks. The Cossack warriors were always ready to defend freedom of their homeland till death. Nowadays, it is easy to notice that the blood of brave Cossacks still runs in Ukrainians` veins. During Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity (2013-2014), Ukrainian people showed that they have no fear when standing together protecting their rights from any enemy. Nowadays, braveness and sense of justice of Ukrainians is reflected in numerous social initiatives, volunteer activities and demonstrations. When something is endangering rights and freedoms, Ukrainians immediately join their forces and respond.

Ukrainians are hospitable hosts

hospitable Ukrainians in national clothes
If you are invited to a Ukrainian home, you are a lucky person. Ukrainians are well-known for being perfect hosts. The guests are usually invited to a table full of tasty drinks and foods, including traditional Ukrainian meals such as delicious borsch and varenyky. Be ready for a long friendly talk: Ukrainians like to tell stories as well as listen to them, exchange experiences and tell funny jokes. They are interested to know more about any new person they meet, so you will be probably asked about your life and your home country. Just relax, have a good drink with your new friends from Ukraine and enjoy famous Ukrainian hospitality.

Ukrainians are suspicious to strangers at first, but become your great friends when they know you better

three girls of different races
Don’t get upset if you notice that people in Ukraine don’t smile to you right away and look at you suspiciously. They do not think anything bad about you – this is just their typical attitude to strangers. When you start to communicate and Ukrainians see that you are a nice and trustable person, they will become your best friends! After “breaking the ice”, you will find out that Ukrainians smile a lot, like to have conversations and are always ready to help. Those who were looking awry at you, will suddenly turn into open, emotional and kind people.

Ukrainians are humorous and love to hang out

young people partying by the river
Partying is in the list of those things which Ukrainians can do the best of all. Ukrainian people can party all night long, sometimes even in the middle of the week. If you walk down the center of a big Ukrainian city at night, you will surely see a lot of open pubs and clubs as well as many people having fun outside. Besides that, Ukrainians have great sense of humor, so you will never feel bored with them. If you are looking for a good party and funny jokes, Ukraine is the right choice for you.

Ukrainians are vivid and a bit chaotic

many people on tribunes
Ability to make a clear plan, calmness and practical thinking are the things, which Ukrainians seem to lack sometimes. In this aspect, they can be compared to Italians or Latin Americans. Ukrainians are vivid, lively, emotional and spontaneous, but chaotic at the same time. They can start doing something but never finish it, or finish in a way, which was never expected. This feature sometimes can be a little annoying, especially for those who are used to well-ordered life. In general, Ukrainians are smart, but should learn to be more organized.
Remember these specifics of national character of Ukrainians, and you will find your best friends in Ukraine!
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