Best Beaches in Kiev 2018

Best Beaches in Kiev 2018

The heat slowly but surely comes back to Ukraine, and in no time many dwellers of the capital will find themselves planning an escape route from the warmth they wanted so badly in winter. Luckily, apart from numerous pools and resorts, in 2018 Kiev will have more beaches to relax at compared to previous years. Upon the beginning of the hot season, Destinations gathered a guide of the best beaches in Kiev to visit in 2018.

To start with the good news, this year Kiev city administration plans to open 13 beaches and 17 recreation areas near water bodies in the framework of preparation for the new season. For comparison, last year in Kiev there were only 11 and 15 respectively. According to the press release of Kiev City Administration, the largest number of beaches and recreation areas without swimming permission will be located in Desnianskyi district.
While the city officials prepare everything needed to start the season, let’s check out the best beaches in Kiev one already can visit in 2018:
Trukhaniv Island Beach
Also called ‘Central’, this beach is certainly one of the most popular places to visit on a hot weekend in Kiev. The vast area is fully equipped with changing cabins, various cafes, and bars located on the territory of Trukhaniv Island, as well as garbage bins to keep eco-friendly. The Central Beach occupies the part of the island that overlooks the picturesque Saint Vladimir Hill, as well as the large People's Friendship Arch that shines brightly in the sun. Besides, a parachute tower located on the beach’s territory often catches the eye of those interested in the sport. The entrance to this Kiev beach is free. It can be easily accessed: arrive at the Kontraktova Ploshcha metro station; proceed to the direction of the Pedestrian Bridge and cross it — voilà, you’re on the spot.
Южный Берег Киева / UBK beach

The name of this beach reminds locals of the other ‘UBK’ — the Crimean South Coast. The Kiev analogue proved to be just as worthy and is nowadays regarded as one of the best beaches to party in Kiev. The status is no surprise — after all, many music festivals featuring the best Ukrainian musicians take part here to mark the beginning of summer. Beach chairs rental is available here, as well as free high-speed Wi-Fi. The UBK beach is suitable for family and kids in the daytime, and at night the area becomes an atmospheric party spot near the Dnipro River. The entrance is free. This Kiev beach is easily accessed on feet by crossing the Park Bridge.
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Venice Beach on Dolobetskyi Island
Let’s move away from Trukhaniv Island to a lesser known, yet just as wonderful spot — Venice Beach that is located not far from the Hydropark metro station on Dolobetskyi Island. This beach is known to Kiev dwellers for clean sand, as it is cleaned regularly. Another thing that makes this spot stand out is the abundance of sports grounds, namely for football and basketball, which easily makes it one of the best beaches to go with children in Kiev. Many visitors bring their own food and beverages, while others choose to have a quick lunch in the various cafes located on the Venice Beach. Moreover, those who don’t want to pause their lazy rest and sunbathing can be served right on the beach recreation zone.
Children’s Beach at Hydropark

Another beach in Kiev that is suitable for family with kids is located near the Hydropark metro station on the left side of the Venetian Bridge. The area is thoroughly inspected and cleaned, ensuring safe rest for both adults and kids. Besides, trained lifeguards work on the premises and monitor the activity. The Children's Beach has chairs rental, as well as umbrellas, swim rings, lifesavers, inflatable balls, and towels. The territory of the beach isn’t as vast as the other Kiev beaches, yet the place is still highly popular with families. The entrance is free if with children.
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Rainbow Beach on Voskresenka
This far-away and quiet beach is located near the Rainbow Lake in the Voskresenka district of Kiev. The place is mostly known as a secluded get-away spot, suitable for kids due to the abundance of water rides. Besides, a catamaran rental is offered here as well, making Rainbow Beach a perfect beach for active leisure in Kiev. Mind that beach chairs aren’t available, so towels and umbrellas are a must. A large supermarket is located nearby, so taking a portable fridge for a small picnic might be a good idea.
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Now, let’s move to the private resorts and beach clubs that are regarded as the best places for summer relaxation in Kiev.
Sandali Resort
The large beach complex Sandali occupies 4000 square meters on Trukhaniv Island. The territory is decorated in the French retro style and is fully equipped with everything necessary for having a good time on the beach in Kiev: the large pool with chairs, restaurant, a tropic open-air bar, volleyball court and kid-zones with animators and entertainment. The separate bungalows are suitable for those who want to enjoy a juicy barbecue with a great view of Kiev.
Beach Club Маячок / Mayachok

This beach resort is located on the Zhukov Island, a secluded spot accessible by Stolychne Highway. Popular with families, the Kiev resort Маячок has a fixed entrance price of UAH 80 on weekdays and UAH 150 on weekends and holidays. The ticket includes chair and umbrella rental, access to shower and toilet. Besides, animator services to entertain children and beach games from volleyball to ping-pong are covered by the ticket price as well. Entrance is free for kids up to the age of 13.
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Dniprovska Riviera

Last but not least, one of the most visited resorts on the Dnipro River in Kiev — Dniprovska Riviera. The clean beach with warm sand, large pools with water games, and active entertainment are among the things that lure in many visitors each summer. Besides, the resort often hosts concerts and parties with the best Ukrainian musicians, gaining a status of a popular party beach spot in Kiev.
We hope you have a good weekend!
Photo source:,, Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above. All images belong to their rightful authors.


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