Best Excursion Routes in Lviv

Best Excursion Routes in Lviv

Photo: shutterstock.comLviv is one of the most European looking cities in Ukraine. This is a city of cozy coffee shops and magnificent churches. Being a tourist mecca of Ukraine, Lviv offers numerous sightseeing tours to the Unesco World Heritage sites and authentic local attractions.

You can choose from a large selection of tours, offered by local travel companies. It can be individual or group excursions, day or night tours, countryside, gastronomic or thematic out of Lviv tours. You will have the opportunity to discover the city in all its beauty and diversity.
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Many travel companies offer various walking sightseeing tours in Lviv. Routs of sightseeing tours usually go through the streets of medieval city, famous Rynok Square, avenues and streets filled with history. You will see all the major attractions of Lviv by booking a 2 or 3 hours walking tour.
Lviv also offers a variety of bus tours for its less active guests. The main advantage of the bus tours in Lviv is that you can take it in any weather and it will not be less tiring. From the bus window and through the glass roof you will explore the historical sites and buildings. The excursion bus route covers all major Lviv city attractions and is available in different languages.

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The Lviv Old town is famous for its beautiful architecture. But there are not only the treasures visible at first sight on the streets. Discover Lviv’s hidden story with one of the most popular city tours - Lviv Undergrounds and Dungeons tour that is available for booking at Lviv City Council tourist information center as well as at the majority of local travel companies. Explore Lviv’s mystifying underground world and listen to some spooky legends from city’s history.

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Out of Lviv tours offer to explore the region of Lviv, which has rich history and beautiful nature. Castles of Lviv Region are one of the major tourist attractions. Most popular tourist route, the so called "Golden Horseshoe of Lviv region», was created specially to promote the castle legacy of Galicia region. All of 5 castles are located by the highway and you can examine all of them within 1 day. Today many travel companies offer «Castles of Lviv Region» tour as castles are among the most popular local attractions. You'll have a great chance to see castles as well as try food and wine in the medieval restaurants.

You can see much more of Lviv while cycling and at the same time get satisfaction from the process. Lviv cycling tours are becoming more and more popular among tourists due to a certain cycle hype Lviv is experiencing at the moment. What adds to the growing bicycle popularity in Lviv is a municipal bike rental system – the first one in Ukraine – that was launched in Lviv in 2015. Renting a bike for even half a day when visiting Lviv in order to explore city’s more remote attractions is a good alternative to guided walking tours. With its bike infrastructure developing each month, Lviv cycle tour will be an exciting and fun experience.

Lviv is a city with its unique gastro traditions. Who haven't heard about Lviv's coffee, chocolate, beer, pastries and Galician cuisine? Find out more about all the delicious stuff the city has to offer at one of the Lviv gastronomy tours.
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Lviv can offer something special for all visitors no matter the weather, the season or guets’ interests. While taking a tour in Lviv you can experience a romantic stroll through Lviv’s cobbled narrow labyrinth of streets, rattling of historic trams and the beauty of must visit sights like Opera House, historical Rynok Square, High Castle and Ratusha panoramic viewing platforms, Dominacan and Latin Cathedrals, numerous museums and art galleries.

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