Best Murals in Lviv

Best Murals in Lviv

Mural is an art form that has been spreading internationally like a wildfire. It has been popularized in Ukraine only recently. It didn't prevent local artists from polishing their skills quickly and climbing on the international level – thus, in 2017, three Ukrainian murals appeared in the top rating of the best world murals, successfully grabbing the attention of both judges and public. There's a false idea that Kyiv is the only city full of unexpected paintings on the walls, but in reality, Lviv has just as much – if not more – to show. Let's check it out.

This mural tells a passer-by about the spectrum and cyclicity of life — the center of the picture is taken by slinky, a once famous and beloved toy, that nowadays mostly lays forgotten on someone's attic. On the other side, attentive eyes will recognize the hands from the famous fresco. Andrii Savchyshyn, the young author of 'Spectrum', is only starting to work on the large surfaces, but he has already gained popularity with this one.
Address: 3, Chornomorska street
Children's Games

Author of this mural, Keno, decided to make childhood the grand theme of the painting, since the house overlooks a kindergarten. Just like the previous work, it depicts the long-forgotten toy, that is rarely used now that most kids have electronic devices they use to play games. The mural was created during the 'Lviv WallKing' Festival.
Address: 4, Haidamatska street
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Art Object

This interesting mural doesn't have any strict interpretations – its goal is to develop the imagination of the viewer. Created in 2015, the Art Object was one of the engineering objects that were transformed into art during the Alarm festival in Lviv. Each and every dull surface was given to Andrii Hrobal, Mykyta Osered'ko and Dmytro Tkachenko to re-imagine. Here's the result.
Address: Saint Theodor square

Human and nature, in this case a tree, are intertwined and joined together for life – that's the main idea of the mural by Feros. The human in his hyperbolized form with large hand and body is a symbol of individuality, while the tree isn't merely an object of the surrounding reality, but something merge into the view. In this way, this mural hints at the relationship between the human and the city – we're the inseparable part of the latter.
Address: 4, Knyazya Mstyslava Udatnoho street
Svododa (Freedom)

The 'Svoboda' mural was born in collaboration of five artists — Taras Arm, Volodymyr Keno, Vitalii Dilk, Serhii Feros and Dmytro Tabu. The work appeared in 2014 as the winner of the contest, conducted by "Institute of the City" initiative.
Address: 39, Zavodska street
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Another Lviv mural created during the WallKing festival, it carries a simple and important message: it's necessary to pay attention to the one you live with, be it a person, or nature, and find compromise in conflict situations. Taras Arm, the author, often uses birds as the symbol that is the most clear to the viewer.
Address: 4, Sianska street

That diptych was created during the urbanist festival 'Maisternia Mista' in 2015. At the first look, it's nothing more than forms and colors and rays. And that's exactly what it is – authors of the mural tried to depict the birth of an idea, how it spreads from a single dot, creates lines, planes, shapes, textures and other images that symbolize the unlimited potential of imagination.
Address: 3, Muliarska street
Abstract Composition

Art is often created to induce emotions in the viewers, inspire them and remind of the kindness and the good that is there in the world. This mural carries this exact purpose – created by Bartek Świątecki during the EUROPEJSKA FUNDACJA KULTURY MIEJSKIEJ & Brain Damage Gallery show, it coincided with the start of Ukrainian-Russian conflict in 2014. Bartek wanted to leave something positive and bright in Lviv, to carry the light and ignite the faith.
Address: 29, Chornovola street
The First Mural

Truly a historical art object in this list, the first mural that was created in Lviv, during the Pidvamche Revitalization project in 2013. The interesting history behind this one is also the technic of its creation – 10 different artists worked each on their part to make a colorful fusion that passers-by can now observe every day.
Address: 4, Pidzamche street

Another mural created in 2013 for Pidvamche Revitalization project, this time depicting birds that can be often spotted in the different parts of the city. It is done by seven artists with each part drawn in their own technics, and made common with the pink-blue palette.
Address: 26, Yakova Ostryanytsi street
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Photo source: All images belong to their rightful authors.

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