Best Places for Collecting Mushrooms near Kyiv

Best Places for Collecting Mushrooms near Kyiv

Autumn is undoubtedly the favorite season for all fans of picking mushrooms. This time, lovers of quiet hunt all are especially lucky, because these years` harvest of mushrooms seems to break all records. Check out locations not far from Kyiv, where you are guaranteed to gather a whole basket of delicious mushrooms.

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Nikolayevka village is located only 42 kms from Kyiv and can be easily reached by car or by bus going from “Svyatoshyno” subway station. In the forests near this village, mushroom enthusiasts may find bay bolete, honey fungus, porcini mushroom.
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Nice village Khotyanovka is situated really close to Kyiv – 27 kms away, right after Vyshgorod town. This place is very popular among those who enjoy collecting mushrooms, and though you will not find lots of porcini mushrooms here, your harvest will surely include a large amount of honey fungus. You can go to Khotyanovka by bus going from “Geroyiv Dnipra” subway station.
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Fenevichi village location is slightly further from Kyiv – 65 kms away. The forests of Fenevichi will delight you with pleasure of finding bay bolete, porcini mushrooms and yellow boletus. Of course, you will also enjoy fresh air and picturesque nature. Fenevichi village can be reached by bus going from “Polissya” bus station on Tarasa Shevchenka square in Kyiv.
Nyzhcha Dubechnia
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Nyzhcha Dubechnia is another village in Vyshgorod region of Kyiv oblast`, which can surprise you with impressive harvest of mushrooms. Just go 39 kms by bus from “Geroyiv Dnipra” subway station (trip will last around 35 minutes), and you will reach this village with its shady forests.
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All mushroom fans from Kyiv and surroundings know that Borodiansky area is a perfect place for quiet hunt. Klavdiyevo-Tarasovo village, located in this area only 49 kms from Kyiv, is the perfect choice for collecting mushrooms. You can go there by bus from “Akademgorodok” or “Svyatoshyno” subway stations.
Useful tips:
1. Remember that the best time for going to forest for collecting mushrooms is early morning. If you go later than that, all the mushrooms will be probably gathered by other people before you reach your destination.
2. Read carefully descriptions of edible and poisonous mushrooms before going to forest. Do not pick unknown or suspicious mushrooms.
3. Do not pick agaric mushrooms, because they can often be confused with poisonous death cap mushrooms due to their similar look.
4. Do not pick damaged, overgrown, rotten or wormy mushrooms – they are dangerous for your health.
5. Do not collect mushrooms growing along the roads, near dumps, on the territory of industrial plants. Remember that mushrooms perfectly absorb heavy metals, herbicides and radionuclides. Choose an ecologically-clean place.
6. Wash collected mushrooms with fresh water and then boil them few times for 35 minutes, changing water each time.
7. Keep fresh mushrooms at temperature +2-6 С.
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