Best Places Near Kyiv for Cycling in May 2018

Best Places Near Kyiv for Cycling in May 2018

While it may appear that the upcoming May holidays are the perfect occasion to sleep the days away, the blooming nature and great weather forecast make it difficult to resist the temptation to get away from the busy city. Luckily, that’s when bikes tucked away after the prolonged winter come to good use — check out a top-7 of getaway spots for riding a bike near Kyiv.

Bykivnia Forest

Pinewood located on the outskirts of Kyiv can be reached from the Lisova metro station. The thick forest area was once a hideaway and soon a burial place for the victims of Stalinism in Ukraine. History fans might want to check out the Bykivnia Graves historical park dedicated to this issue. Bicycle route, however, goes through another area — pines leading to a crystal-clear Almazne (Diamond) Lake. Numerous signs on the route inform about the current location and nearest sights.
Holosiivskyi National Nature Park
Holosiivskyi Park is a spot that lies on the outskirts of the city and nevertheless is pretty easy to reach – focus on the Expocenter of Ukraine located on the Vystavkovyi Tsentr metro station. The territory is truly vast – more than 45 square kilometers riddled with unique and sometimes rare trees, bushes and flowers. The lucky ones have a chance to meet curious squirrels, swans, and twittering birds.
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Due to the diversity of the spot, local cyclists make routes considering for their skills and needs. For instance, there’s a 6,3 kilometers route on asphalt and soil suitable for those with minimum cycling experience. Information signs installed on the routes won’t let the enthusiasts get lost in Holosievo. There are three bike rental spots located near the Expocenter of Ukraine.
The well-known village that lies 20 kilometers away from the capital’s downtown is a great spot for cycling. Firstly, there are two bike rental spots located near the entrance to the open-air National Museum of Ukrainian Architecture and Culture. Almost two kilometers introduce curious souls to the lifestyle of Ukraine through traditional houses, old windmills, forges, old traditional sauna, church school, priest mansion, and other authentic architectural elements. The bicycle route made by the local enthusiasts makes up 6,4 kilometers in total.
Feofaniya Park
A whole patch of 150 hectares is truly hard to walk through. That’s why a bike in Feofaniya is a great idea — that way incredible forests untouched by humans and a landscape park with lakes full of ducks won’t be left unseen. Apart from the natural wonders, St. Panteleimon's Cathedral is another intriguing spot to stop by. The closest bike rental is located in National Exhibition Center of Ukraine and Pyrohiv museum.
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Pushcha-Vodytsia is not only a nice get-away spot for a weekend but also a popular cycling location known to Kyiv dwellers. Local enthusiasts even made up an hour-length route — the solid soil route occasionally changed by sand makes up 11,7 kilometers in total. Experienced cyclists advice to skip this location in case it has rained a day or two before, as the bike might get stuck in the mud. Pushcha-Vodytsia is easily reached by tram #12 that goes from Kontraktova Ploshcha. For those who don’t have their own vehicle, there is a bike rental on the spot.
Vyshhorod Embarkment
A lesser-known yet just as marvelous view opens up on the Vyshhorod Embarkment of the Kyiv Reservoir, also called the Kyiv Sea. This area located 20 kilometers away from Kyiv is fully equipped with bike rentals for adults and children, as well as numerous cafes and coffee spots. The smooth asphalt surface makes it easy learning how to ride a bike especially easy for rookies here. Apart from the breathtaking view and fresh air, ducks that often get friendly with humans who rest near the water are one more perk of the place.
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Mezhyhirya Residence
What was once a kitschy and pompous residence of the ex-president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych is now a huge park with numerous attractions. Even 5 hours aren’t enough to explore the site by feet, so a bike is a way better option here. The bike rental spot is located right near the entrance. A 4,3-kilometer route will show a bit of everything from the thick forest to Dnipro River and the residence building itself.
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We wish you a great memorable ride!
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