Best Places to See in Lutsk Region

Best Places to See in Lutsk Region

Lutsk region takes tourism seriously. It provides visitors with the genuine Ukrainian experience: old castles, dreamy little towns, beautiful natural landmarks. The regional capital city Lutsk offers to explore its historic conservation area and castle. This small, slowly refurbishing enclave of cobbled streets is lined with architecture from centuries past, harking back to Lutsk's Lithuanian, Polish and Russian history.

Lutsk castle. 
Lutsk castle, or Prince Lubart`s castle, is one of the strongest fortresses of Volhyn region and a very important landmark of Lutsk city. The High castle had existed on the top of the hill since the times of Rurik dynasty. In 1340-85, Lithuanian-Russian prince Lubart reconstructed the building so it became a typical European medieval feudal castle, which we can see today. Lubart`s castle served as a residence for Volhyn princes, and even as a capital of Galicia-Volhyn kingdom. The castle was reinforced in 1430-1542 in the times of prince Svydrygailo government. Lutsk castle complex includes three towers and few residential houses, surrounded by walls, and also basements and caves of John the Evangelist Cathedral of XII century, where prince Lubart and other Volhyn rulers were buried. The territory of complex offers few museums dedicated to the subjects of painting, bells, architectural pottery, printing and weapons. The castle is being continuously restored; its territory provides great opportunities for archeological research.
Address: 1a, Kafedralna street, Lutsk city


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Saint Peter's and Paul's Cathedral.
 The Jesuit complex on Kafedralna street was designed in the early to mid-17th century by Italian architect Giacomo Briano. The stately, newly renovated facade of the cathedral dates back to 1640; the renovated interior – painted in pink and yellow tones – resembles a massive Easter egg. Closed following WWII, the building served as a museum of atheism in the 1970s.

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The Tunnel of Love. The Tunnel of Love is located in Klevan town, Rivne region, however it is easily accessible from Lutsk.
The Tunnel of Love is one of the most picturesque and romantic places in Ukraine. Some newlyweds plant here flowers, which symbolize their feelings. Even in the wintertime the place is charming: snow-capped trees render the Tunnel of Love a mysterious look. This botanical phenomenon, created by trees and shrubs intertwined with each other, is a green leafy tube in a woodland that is about three kilometers long. It is part of the railway lines, linking Klevan with Orzhiv.

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Olyka Castle. These days Olyka is a sleepy Ukrainian town with population between 1-5K people. Not many tourists come here as Radziwill Castle needs so much work to be done in order to restore it to even the fracture of its former glory. However, in case you happened to be in the area, this is a great destination for a day trip.
Ancestral castle, built by Nicholas Radziwill in 1558, is one of the first Ukrainian facilities of fortification destination square in terms. The castle is located in Olyka, the medieval town in Volyn region, just a short ride away from Lutsk. Built in 17th century amidst the masonry of an older (1558) Lithuanian castle, the palace is a memento from the era when the whole town was owned by Radziwill famlily, the richest dynasty in Lithuania. The Olyka Castle comprises four residential buildings of unequal height, forming a court in the middle and encircled by a moat. The towers of the original castle have crumbled to the ground, but the network of bastions is still in place. Visitors can freely attend the territory of the castle.

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House with Chimeras. This is the house-workshop of local sculptor Mykola Golovan, who has been working here for over 30 years. Decorated with sculptures of beasts, birds and mythical creatures and demonstrating many different styles including Gothic, Renaissance, Modernism, the house is famous in Lutsk and is a popular sight for visitors of the city.


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