Best Places to Stay in Ukraine

Best Places to Stay in Ukraine

When travelling to a new country, we are always concerned about the issue of accommodation. Where to find a good hotel, hostel or apartment in a nice place of a city and how to avoid overpaying for it? We will tell you about the average prices and the best locations to stay in the key destinations of Ukraine.

In general, Ukraine can boast with pretty reasonable prices for accommodation. In comparison with EU, America, Canada and many other countries Ukrainian prices for hotels and apartments rent are much more inviting. However, the costs and conditions vary depending on a particular city or region of Ukraine. So let`s consider the important question “Where to stay in Ukraine?” in more detail.
First of all, we should mention that booking all kinds of accommodation in Ukraine is available online through world-wide known services like Airbnb or, or through websites of chosen hostel and hotels. Easy and comfortable!
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We start with Kyiv – the capital of Ukraine. Obviously, it is one of the best areas to stay in Ukraine for the first-time visitors. Kyiv opens wide opportunities for seeing historical landmarks and being involved in a vivid city life. Accommodation in Kyiv costs more than in other Ukrainian cities because of its capital status. If you choose to stay in 5-star hotels in the center, like well-known Hyatt Regency or Hilton, or in 4-star hotels as Raddisson Blu or Holiday Inn, the price per day will vary approximately from USD 250 to USD 500.
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Prices for day in a 3-star hotel (for example, Bakkara or Rus) can be different – approximately from USD 50 to USD 200. It depends on city district and other conditions. As for hostels, Kyiv has plenty of them in all city areas. If you ask where to stay in Ukraine on a budget, to find new friends and to have fun – hostel is the answer. For only USD 10-40 per day, you can stay in a nice hostel in the heart of the city, for example, in Elements hostel or Zig Zag hostel. For those who want to rent a whole apartment, Kyiv also has numerous offerings. You can rent an apartment in any district of the city (we recommend central districts as Podil and Shevchenkivskiy districts) for around USD 20-80 per day.
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Odesa, a beautiful seacoast city in the south of Ukraine, is a very popular touristic destination. Here you can enjoy sophisticated architecture, beaches of the Black Sea and bright nightlife. Staying in gorgeous 5-star hotels such as Hotel NEMO with Dolphins, Bristol or Otrada will cost around USD 70-200. A day in a 4-star hotel in Odesa, for example, Continental or Mozart, costs approximately USD 50-80. If you prefer 3-star hotels, like Geneva Park Resort or Lermontovsky, be ready to pay USD 25-40 per day. As we have already mentioned, hostels are very popular and relatively cheap places to stay in Ukraine. Accommodation in a nice Odesa hostel (The Babushka Grand Hostel, Friday Hostel etc) costs around USD 12-20 per day. Renting an apartment in Odesa (especially in the central Primorskiy district) is a very popular option. You can find a nice flat for USD 15-50 per day, depending on the class of an apartment. If you want to host a big party, you can rent a whole house or penthouse for a company. It will cost around USD 120-200 per day.
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Lviv is often called “the soul of Ukraine”. This city will win your heart with amazing architecture, atmospheric narrow streets and tasty coffee. If you want to enjoy your trip to Lviv to the fullest, staying in a 5-star hotel like Citadel Inn or Leopolis, you will have to pay USD 150-200 per day. If you still wish to live in high-class conditions, but prefer more moderate luxury, you can choose 4-star hotel, for example, Shopen or Reinkartz Medival. The price varies from USD 60 to USD 130. As for 3-star hotels (Hotel Plazma, Ibis etc), accommodation costs USD 40-100 per day.
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Staying in Lviv hostels (Dream Hostel, Old City Hostel and many other) costs approximately USD 12 per day. Renting an apartment in the central Galitsky district of Lviv costs around USD 20-60 per day. In other districts of the city prices can be lower.
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Dnipro is a big business center of Ukraine, pleasing the eye with picturesque river views. If you want to experience the highest level of comfort while staying in Dnipro, you may choose 5-star Grand Hotel Ukraine for around USD 90 per day. 4-star hotels in Dnipro, such as Axelhof Boutique Hotel and Reikartz, will also delight you with good service for USD 60-80. Staying in 3-star hotels like Sky Tech costs USD 35-50 per day. The prices for staying in Dnipro hostels (Capsular House, Hostel Smile and other) vary from USD 7 to USD 20, so this kind of accommodation can really be called cost-effective. As for renting apartments in Dnipro, prices start from USD 15 and can go up to USD 50. We recommend to rent apartments in Tsentalniy (“Central”) district of Dnipro, as it is close to all worthy landmarks and to the beach.
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Kharkiv is one of the largest Ukrainian megacities with numerous interesting landmarks and with one of the biggest and oldest zoos in the whole Europe. If you want to dive into luxury life while spending time in Kharkiv, you may pick 5-star hotels: Palace Premier Hotel or hotel at Superior Golf and Spa Resort – the only golf resort in Ukraine. Such type of accommodation costs around USD 170 per day. Prices in 4-star hotels such as Mirax Boutique Hotel, Park Hotel or Hotel & Spa NEMO with dolphins vary from USD 60 to USD 120 per day. If you prefer 3-star hotels service, feel free to choose Reikartz or National for USD 40-80 per 1-day stay. Hostels in Kharkiv, like Sputnik or Bunker Light, cost only USD 10-20 per day. The range of prices for renting a whole apartment in Kharkiv is USD 15-70, depending on the class of apartment, number of rooms etc. Choosing accommodation in the central Kyivsky district of Kharkiv will be a reasonable choice.
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The Carpathians
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The Carpathians is surely one of the best areas to stay in Ukraine with family. In this region, travelers can enjoy fresh mountain air and breathtaking views of nature. This area can boast plenty of great locations to visit, from small mountain villages to famous ski resorts and large cities. Let us consider three very popular destinations of Carpathians: Ivano-Frankivsk city, Yaremche town and Bukovel resort.
Though there are no 5-star hotels in this cozy Western Ukrainian city, travelers are welcome to stay in a 4-star hotel called Fontush. The prices are very moderate for a hotel of such class: from USD 20 to USD 50. The city also offers several 3-star hotels – Nadiya, Legenda, Stanislavsky Dvir and other. The cost per day in 3-star hotels of Ivano-Frankivsk range from USD 20 to USD 70. Hostels prices (Tsentralniy, Dream and other) are in the limits of USD 10-12. Renting a whole apartment is also quite cheap: USD 15-30 per day.
Beautiful resort town Yaremche, famous for astonishing mountain views and “Probiy” waterfall, has plenty of accommodation options to offer. You can stay in a gorgeous 4-star Romantic SPA Hotel with relaxing SPA treatments or in Welland Hotel for USD 50-120. Yaremche also has plenty of good 3-star hotels like Stanislavsky, Sofia and Karpatsky Dzherela (USD 25-40 per day). There is also a great option of renting a whole cottage or a room in cottage. Living in a wooden cottage in the mountains – what can be more exciting! This service costs around USD 15-60 per day.
Bukovel is often called “Ukrainian Switzerland”. This is a ski resort in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast of Ukraine, delighting guests with numerous opportunities for entertainment in winter as well as in summer. Bukovel offers many clubs, restaurants, parties and attractions, so you will always find something to amuse yourself here. The prices in Bukovel are not what we can call low, but staying in this beautiful place is worth it. First of all, we have to mention Radisson Blu Resort – a luxury 5-star hotel, which will please you with the highest level of services for around USD 130 per day. 4-star hotels of Bukovel, such as MarMaros or Fomich Park Hotel, will also be a good choice (around USD 80 per day). The mountain resort has many 3-star hotels: Patkovsky, Magiya Karpat, Home Hotel and many other (prices start from USD 30 per day). The cost of renting a cottage or a room in a cottage in Bukovel greatly vary from USD 20 to USD 250 depending on the class of cottage and its location. Please note that stated prices are for the warm season. In cold season, the cost of accommodation in Bukovel can significantly rise up.
We hope we have provided you with useful information about the best accommodation in Ukraine. Enjoy your trip!
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