Bike Renting in Odesa

Bike Renting in Odesa

The biking infrastructure in Odesa still has a long way to go in order to reach the standards that have been already established in Lviv or Kyiv, for example. However, renting a bike in Odesa in summer can still be a good idea if you want to discover city’s more remote attractions.

Cycling in Odesa is still a good alternative to using public transport or a cab. With its bike infrastructure developing each month, catching Odesa cycle hype is super easy. There are several bike rental shops in the city, where locals and tourists can easily rent out a bike per hour or for the whole day.
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Need-A-Bike bike renting service is probably among most popular in Odesa. This bike rental service in Odesa is a perfect option for those, who came to the city for a few days or weeks and would like to hire a bicycle to see the views of Odesa, get to the beach with comfort, spend holidays or weekends actively. To rent a bike for 5 hours or less will cost UAH 200, price for 12 hours will be UAH 300 and 24-hour rent period will cost UAH 350. All the detailed information on rental conditions can be found on their web site, which also offers an English language version.

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Prokat Tandem bike renting service in Odesa offers comfortable and safe tandem bikes for hire (they also have ordinary bikes on offer). You can pre-order the bike on-line at the web page or simply pop in Prokat Tandem shop located at 28, Azarova street. The rates start from UAH 60 per bike per hour.

Informational Tourist Center (10, Havanna street, Odesa) offers one of the cheapest bike renting in Odesa. Here you can rent a bike for UAH 150 for the whole day with deposits ranging from UAH 300 to UAH 500 depending on bike’s model. A bike for an hour here will cost UAH 50 and the one for 3 hours - UAH 100.

You can also check out Vеlociraptors bike rental (Aleksandrovsky avenue, Odesa). This rental company offers a good variety of city bikes on pleasant rates. Vеlociraptors ask for a modest deposit for the rented bike as well as valid ID with photo of the customer. The rates range from UAH 70 to UAH 150 depending on the bike’s model.

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Renting a bike for even half a day when visiting Odesa this summer is a great option for exploring city’s more remote attractions.
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