Buky Canyon in Ukraine

Buky Canyon in Ukraine

Buky Canyon remains one of the hidden gems of Ukraine and one of its most beautiful natural wonders. Located in the heart of Ukraine, about 180 km away from Kyiv and 30 km away from Zhashkiv, this is relatively small, approximately 5 km (or 3 miles) long, 20 m (22 yd.) deep and anywhere from 20 to 40 m wide canyon that attracts numerous travelers.

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This canyon was formed by the Hirs’kyi Tikych (Tikych Mountain) River in the crystalline rocks of the Ukrainian ground shield. These Precambrian granitic rocks create a picturesque landscape in the form of steep cliffs and tumultuous rapids. Experienced travelers say that Buky rocks are very similar to the famous Norwegian fjords. Although, instead of the Bay, between the sheer cliffs, the snake-like Tikych Mountain River flows.
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Here tourists can explore the ruins of the first hydroelectric power plant in Ukraine and remains of the large water mill. Before entering the Buky Canyon, the waters of  Girsky Tikich  rapidly roll off the granite blocks , creating a noisy two-meter waterfall named Vir. This is where the largest in Ukraine water mill was built back in 19th century.

Every year Buky canyon attracts more and more tourists. This is a great recreational area. Those who are into rock climbing can conquer steep slopes here, fishermen patiently wait for the generous catch, and ordinary vacationers enjoy diving and swimming in the waters of Tikych.

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And yet the most romantic option when visiting Buky Canyon in Ukraine is to take a leisurely ride along the river coast by boat. Only from this angle you can fully enjoy the beauty of local nature. The canyon is especially beautiful in spring and autumn when banks of the river are covered in lush greenery or vibrant fall colors.
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