Charity Funds and Events in Ukraine

Charity Funds and Events in Ukraine

An old concept of “pay it forward” has been described as much as a century ago but nowadays it’s relevant as ever. More and more fashion brands choose to ban fur, global initiatives advocate for cutting down on plastic and ordinary people from all over the world organize charity funds. Thanks to the Internet, helping various groups and donating can be done with just a couple clicks. This is also true for Ukrainian charity funds and organizations that help children, homeless animals and welcome volunteering.


One of the most well-known and prestigious charity funds in Ukraine Tabletochki protects the rights of children with cancer. The fund is an often partner of various festivals like Francophonie Day or companies like Deloitte or Depositphotos. The fund systematically helps with the necessary medications in 13 oncological departments of Ukraine. Besides, Tabletochki support donors, accept donations for medical procedures and purchasing meds that aren't available in Ukraine. All expenditures are covered in reports available on the English version of the website. Tabletochki also has an online shop where visitors can buy plush toys, stationery, T-shirt, bags, souvenirs and much more. All profit from sales in the online store is directed to the needs of the fund's clients.
Address: 4/6, Omelianovycha-Pavlenko Street;
Crab charity fund is organized by parents, whose children were treated in the department of pediatric oncology of the National Cancer Institute. With the help of donations and volunteering, the fund regularly improves the living conditions in the department, provides individual support to families and even print thematic literature for parents. Crab helps doctors to purchase the necessary materials and equipment to ensure quick and safe recovery with kids. Moreover, Crab accepts blood donations and raises funds to develop the unpopular in Ukraine palliative care. More information about donating and events is available on the fund's website.
Address: 33/43, Lomonosova Street;
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Happy Paw
Happy Paw charity fund is by far one of the most well-known charity organizations that help animals in Ukraine. Ever since its foundation in 2012, it has been supporting shelters, advocating humane treatment of homeless animals. The fund also has its own shelter, where visitors are welcome to become guardians for beloved pets as well as adopt them. Happy Paw has unique souvenir products like pillows, socks and cups with animal prints. All profit is directed to supporting homeless animals.
Address: 44, Shota Rustaveli Street;
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Svichado Fund
Svichado Fund helps the national children's hospital Okhmadyt in Kyiv as well as many neonatal centers in all regions of Ukraine. Developing intensive care of newborns in the country is one of the fund's aims: medical equipment is provided to clinics thanks to Svichado. For instance, one of the latest goals is purchasing temperature sensors to monitor prematurely born babies. The fund's site is currently under construction but all information, news and donation button is available on their Facebook page.
Address: 33A, Shota Rustaveli Street;
Kurazh Bazar
Known well to locals and tourists, Kurazh Bazar is the biggest monthly flea market in Kyiv. The marketplace is traditionally hosted by Art-zavod Platforma and divided into seven areas: clothing and shoes; jewelry and accessories; furniture; sports equipment; music and gadgets; children's area; and new items. Participating in the market is quite easy: all you need is to sign up on the website. Vendors carefully select vintage and unusual decor to spark the interest of visitors. Part of the market's profit always goes to charity.
Web site:
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Laska Store
The concept of a charity store is simple and spread worldwide, that's why two Laska stores located in Kyiv downtown have gained an incredible popularity throughout the project's history. Visitors can donate clothes, accessories, books, vinyl and even decor. The best items are selected for sale, and the rest is sent to orphanages. Mass-market from H&M and Mango and Zara, as well as unique vintage clothes you probably won't find anywhere else, are available in both shops. Besides, Laska supports Ukrainian manufacturers like Sammy Icon, Hiverbooks stationary, leather bags from Bagllet, lingerie brands like O'Papa, See see you, and a sustainable fashion brand UliUlia. Profit minus expenses for the maintenance of the store goes to charity and social initiatives in Kyiv. Ocean Plaza shopping center has a container where you can donate clothes - the box can be found on the zero level (P3) near Watsons and Butlers.
Address: 3, Vyacheslava Lypynskoho Street; 15, Malopidvalna Street;
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Photo sources: Facebook pages of organizations mentioned above, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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