Cost of Living in Odesa

Cost of Living in Odesa

Odesa is a popular travel destination among Ukrainians and foreigners, a major city with sea access and incredible mix of cultures, and home to one million people. Find out more about the recent prices and cost of living in one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine - Odesa.

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The third most populous city in Ukraine, Odesa has plenty of options concerning real estate. Purchasing immensely depends on the location - the closer to the center, the more expensive an apartment is. Thus, an average price for square meter ranges from 500 to 900 dollars. As for the rent, prices on apartments or houses depend on the season, with the most expensive options from May till September. Another factor is location, which is especially crucial for premises either in the city center or with a close access to the seaside. For instance, a one-room apartment in the city center will cost from USD 250 to 300 per month. The price for two rooms and up starts from USD 370. Wild popularity among tourists ensures a wide range of choice when it comes to booking a hotel room. You can find cheaper options, starting from 20 dollars per night in 3-star hotels near the seaside, as well as rooms in a five-star hotels from 100 dollars per night. The most reliable and verified by dozens of customers rent sites are and Nonetheless, it is always safer to consult the professional real estate agents for compiling a rent contact.
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Numerous restaurants and cafeterias are opened each season to satisfy even the most exquisite tastes. From coziest small cafes and street food ventures to the well-known spots, city's culinary world will most certainly help you find your own gastronomic delight. Luckily, it also is beneficial to the cost of living in Odesa, especially compared to Kyiv. A restaurant bill will highly depend on the cuisine rate and location - the closer to the sea, the more expensive the food is. The average price for a two-course meal with a beverage in a restaurant reaches USD 20. It will be much cheaper to seek the ambience in a cafe, with prices on coffee and hot beverages from 50 cents to USD 1, USD 2-3 for sandwiches and main dishes, and up to USD 5 for full-course meals in a cafe. If you’re the type to cook at home, your average prices at the supermarket will be: 30 cents for bread, 50 cents for liter of milk, 4 dollars for a kilogram of cheese, 1 dollar for 100 grams of coffee or tea. Prices for vegetables and fruits in high season are estimated to be 40 cents and higher. Odesa is well-known for its wines, so don’t miss out the opportunity to purchase a bottle - starting from 2 dollars for the simplest yet delicious.
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Public transportation in Odesa mostly relies on buses and mini-buses called marshrutkas. Although the popularity and length of the route have their say in the price estimation, an average fare usually reaches 20 cents for every kind of transport. A cab from airport to the center will cost from 10 dollars, depending on the cab service you choose. Inside the city, the price usually starts from 2 dollars, growing if you choose to hire a cab to the nearest suburbs with awesome beaches like Chernomorka. As for the cultural pastime, excursions in Odesa museums cost about 2 or 3 dollars per person, often with English speaking guides or audio-guides.
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Both tourists from abroad and locals find cost of living in Odesa quite affordable. The city is a box of wonders with all sorts of treasures inside. You are welcome!
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