Dog-Friendly Places in Kyiv

Dog-Friendly Places in Kyiv

Living in a big city with a dog is fun, but it is also a challenge. Responsible dog owners who live in Kyiv always look for the best ways to take care of their pets, so they are concerned about numerous questions. Where do I go for a walk with my dog? Which restaurants and cafes allow visiting with a dog? Which vet clinics are the best? Where can my dog get proper grooming? And finally, where can I meet other dog owners to have fun together with our fluffy friends? Find all the answers below.

Places to Walk
Kyiv is famous for being one of the greenest cities in Europe, so it does not lack picturesque parks and squares to walk with your dog. For example, Maryinisky park in the very heart of the capital is a nice place where you and your pet will enjoy strolling along the shady alleys surrounded by spreading maples and chestnuts. Pechersky landscape park is another great location to have a relaxing walk with a pet. The park, embracing 30 hectares, is situated on Dnipro hills between Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and the World War II Museum. This is a great option to combine walking with your dog and observing interesting landmarks.
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Park of Eternal Glory near Arsenalna subway station, embracing territory of 18 hectares, is a multi-level park with many historical monuments. The lower level of the park offers much space for your dog to have a lark in the nature. Freshly reconstructed Natalka park in Obolon` district of the capital, located between Moskovsky bridge and Obolon` embankment on the 8 hectares, is another good place to have a good time with your dog.
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As for Goloseievsky district, here you can find a real paradise for all dogs. Large Goloseievsky park with its thick forests and beautiful lake is a place where any dog will be happy to stay for hours, actively playing and exploring the territory.
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Dining Spots to Visit
Fortunately, in Ukrainian capital there are many cafes, restaurants and coffee shops that welcome visitors together with their dogs, and this trend is quickly gaining popularity. Let`s check out some places in the city center to pay a visit with a dog.
True Burger Bar is a relaxing spot where dogs can have a rest while their owners enjoy a burger, a salad or a cheesecake. If a dog is thirsty, waiters will gladly offer it a bowl of water.
Milk Bar, a cozy cafe with delicious desserts, milk shakes, breakfasts and coffee, welcomes guests with small and middle-sized dogs. Alltrueeast restaurant near Taras Shevchenko park is another dog-friendly place in Kyiv. The owners love dogs so much that they even give money for dogs` shelter. Call me Cacao, a conceptual space in Podil offering cocoa drinks and unusual atmosphere, is a very dog friendly place, as proven by pics in its facebook.
In London Coffee House, guests are welcome to try fragrant coffee made in numerous ways. The place allows visiting even with big dogs. The owners of Come and Stay café are true dog fans. They are always happy to see visitors with dogs and to offer them tasty cheesecakes, brownies, yoghurts and coffee. The name of Dogs & Tails, a place with the best hot dogs, speaks for itself, so do not hesitate to step in with your fluffy buddy.
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Vet Clinics
The Center of Modern Veterinary Medicine has been taking good care of animals since 2000. The professionals of the center use the most modern medicine and equipment to provide the most effective help for each animal. The center works 24/7, offering house calls as well. Here pets are offered services of specialists of all kinds: surgeons, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, ophthalmologists and even animal psychologist.
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Dobrodiy veterinary clinic has been providing high quality medical service for pets of Kyiv dwellers for almost 20 years. Apart from vet help, Dobrodiy also offers grooming service and pet store.
Innovet veterinary clinic in the calm corner of the city center offers high quality vet care as well as some unusual services – for example, preparation for a whole pack of documents for travelling with a pet abroad.
An ambulance service for stray dogs called IHELP.DOG has been recently launched in Kyiv. The volunteers of this project are ready to help dog shelters, to provide vet help and to sterilize homeless dogs for free.
Grooming Salons
Barber Pet is the first grooming salon in Ukraine designed in the style of loft. This place keeps to the best traditions of barbershops, so all dog owners will have a coffee or a glass of wine, and their pets will enjoy a handmade cookie or a bone. Salon personnel are experienced masters who understand and love dogs. The individual creative approach to every client is the main principle of Barber Pet, so your pet is guaranteed to look gorgeous.
Olga Slusar`s Grooming, a grooming salon with 15 years of history, offers wide choice of services such as complete grooming, trimming, haircuts for dogs, cats and other animals.
Vogue Dog is a grooming SPA salon for your pets in Kyiv center with the most modern equipment and professional animal cosmetics of famous Iv San Bernard brand. The professional team of the salon offers grooming, trimming, brushing, SPA treatments, preparation for a dog show and giving advice on any dog-related topic.
Spring 2018 Events in Kyiv
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This spring, an unusual event for dogs and their owners will take place in Kyiv. The organizers of Hvostatiy Dvizh (“Tailed Movement”) event promise to establish a new format of spending time with dogs. No shows, contests and trainings – just entertainment and fun. The visitors and their pets will enjoy photo areas, open-air food courts, DJ set and thematic fair with clothes and accessories for dogs. Besides, the event will offer educational lectures on pet care.
When: May 12, 12 PM–8 PM
Where: G13 project studio, 23, Baltiysky lane
Kyiv is a very dog friendly city, where your favorite pet will have an exciting and happy life.
Photo source:,, websites of businesses mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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