Education in Ukraine

Education in Ukraine

Education in Ukraine is a tad different from those you might be familiar with from the US or the UK, but nevertheless, it proves effective. Present-day, Ukraine is a country of complete literacy - more than half of the population has a University degree and secondary education.

While education in Ukraine is generally provided and fully financed by the state; you may find yourself at a choice whether to attend or send your child to an establishment free of charge or to seek something with tuition. Both options are completely acceptable, and much depends not on the tuition rate, but the teaching staff, as well as general rating of the educational establishment. Let’s see how the system works.
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Pre-school education is not compulsory in Ukraine. But the majority of kids still attend day-nurseries for those under age of 3, and kindergartens. Here they’ll be taught to read, write, do simple math like addition and subtraction, which will help them in primary school. There are more than 23 thousand pre-school educational places, hence a wide variety of choice. The prices range from UAH 3000 per month to UAH 16000 for the top-choice institutions.
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General secondary education in Ukraine is compulsory and free of charge for the most cases. Children usually start at the age of 6 or 7, and leave when they are 16 or 17 accordingly. The school has three stages: primary, basic and senior. They all follow a program, created and updated yearly by the Ministry of Education. Some schools have an academic specialty or major, the most popular ones include the English language, mathematics and physics. After finishing 9-year course of study, students have several options: continue their education at the present place, go in for vocational training (with almost 800 qualifications available), or apply to lyceums, gymnasiums and private schools, focusing on a major chosen by a student. The last ones can be quite expensive, from UAH 2000 to 10000 per month depending on the school rating.
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Finally, post-secondary education, is provided by technical schools, colleges or universities. And not only: academies, institutes and conservatories, including 14 classical and 45 technological and branch universities, 30 academies and 72 institutes are all available for applying. Post-secondary education in Ukraine offers all levels from Bachelor's to PhD.
One of the first universities in Ukraine was founded in 1834 in Kyiv - and guess what, you can study there now. It is Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, which bright red building you have probably seen while strolling the Kyiv’s downtown. Ranked within top 500 Universities in the world, it is a major research center for various majors of education in Ukraine - anything from social sciences to international relations. The university offers several levels of education, including PhD, and a wide choice of student exchange programs with more than 400 universities all over the world. The tuition is mostly based on the speciality you choose, but as a rule prices start from USD 2500 for English-language course of study. Another quite popular option is Bohomolets National Medical University, alma mater for over 10 thousand students, with about 2000 of them from foreign countries. Since its foundation in 1874, it stays in the top-200 of educational establishments in Ukraine, provides the best medical training and practice opportunities. Price for the foreign students starts at USD 3000 depending on the major.
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Pursuing education in Ukraine is one of the most rewarding paths one can choose - so choose wisely. Photo source: All images belong to their rightful authors.

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