Fall in Lviv: Best Places to Visit

Fall in Lviv: Best Places to Visit

You can feel it in the air - the profound seasonal change - when the wind chills and the landscape is painted with red and orange foliage. There’s nothing better than exploring Lviv’s fall foliage. This city gets exceptionally beautiful in autumn and «Destinations» gathered together top city’s destinations that look most beautiful with the arrival of fall.

Stryjsky Park is the largest and the most beautiful park in Lviv. It is also considered to be one of the best landscape parks in Europe. Stryjsky Park is a national monument of landscape architecture. The park was founded in 1876-1877. The author of the project was Arnold Rohring, the Austrian landscape designer and architect. The park territory (56 hectares) is divided into three landscape units: the lower zone, park area, upper terrace (the place of the former "Oriental Auctions" annually held here since 1922). Sugar and red maples — which you can spot around the park's lake — are the first trees to change, turning orange and red, respectively. The rest of the park's foliage should follow by late October, with species like elm, sour gum and sassafras all displaying fall colors.
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Another interesting park to visit this fall is “Znesinnya” Park. It is one of the first regional landscape parks in Ukraine, founded within the city borders. "Znesinnya" is very interesting from the historic point of view. Ethnographical open-air museum “Shevchenkivsky Gai”, one of the most prominent historic and cultural heritage sites, is situated here.


Visit «Shevchenkivskiy Gai» in Lviv to learn more about the Ukrainian vernacular architecture. This open-air museum displays different samples of regional folk architecture: houses, windmills, churches and schools. All buildings are scattered over beautiful green park to the east of the city center. Everything is pretty spread out here, so the visit involves a lot of walking and a bit of hiking.
Located at the back part of “Shevchenkivsky Gai”, Farm Zoo and Horseback riding school offer to spend some quality family time with cute farm animals. Bring some apples and carrots with you to feed goats, sheep and horses. Here kids can pet all the animals, play with them and ride horses.


Lychakivske Cemetery. This cemetery is a kind of Père Lachaise of Eastern Europe with the same sort of overgrown grounds and Gothic aura as the famous Parisian necropolis. Established in the late 18th century, it's the place of eternal rest for West Ukraine's prominent figures. Pride of place goes to the grave of the famous nationalist poet Ivan Franko, the patriotic singer-songwriter Volodymyr Ivasyuk and the most recent addition is the memorial to those who died during Revolution of Dignity in 2013. The cemetery looks exceptionally mysterious and mesmerizing in fall, when century old trees guarding the peace and calmness of the place turn various hues of red, orange and yellow.

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Franko University Botanical Garden. 3 years ago Franko University Botanical Garden opened its doors to visitors. This is one of the oldest European Botanical Gardens in Europe with greenhouses dating back to Austro-Hungarian Empire. Roam around huge greenhouses, gain fresh insight while exploring the urban oasis, taking a break from city hustle and bustle. Take a blanket and sandwiches with you to enjoy warm fall days with delicious lunch on manicured green lawns under vegetation slowly turning vivid fall hues.

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Villa Austria is a cozy country restaurant located on the bank of a picturesque lake some 5 kms away from busy Lviv city center. Designed in the best traditions of European country villas, this complex offers delicious dishes of European and Ukrainian cuisine. Guests can enjoy good food and wine in the atmospheric restaurant or at the outdoor dining area spread by the beautiful lake.
This country restaurant is very popular weekend destination for families with kids. Here children can easily play outside on the manicured green laws and feed the ducks by the lake. The place gets very busy especially on weekends, so it’s a good idea to book a table a couple of days in advance.

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