Famous Kyiv Open-Air Museums

Famous Kyiv Open-Air Museums

Ethnic open-air museums give an opportunity to know better the history of Ukraine, to feel the spirit of nation and to spend nice time walking around picturesque places.

Mamajeva Sloboda
“Ukraine is a Land of Cossacks”- that is how Ukraine was described by French engineer and cartographer Guillaume Le Vasseur de Beauplan in XVII century.


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And now you have an opportunity to feel the spirit and lifestyle of those times in Kyiv. The open-air museum “Mamajeva Sloboda” is decorated like Cossack village and is located seven kilometers from Khreschatyk street. It has 9.2 hectares area and represents a full replica of historical settlement depicting Ukrainian nature, architecture and the way of life in ancient times. The landscape is very picturesque. There are trees, lake, wooden houses, church, shynok (Ukrainian restaurant where you can taste national cuisine) and you can enter in any building to know more about historical interiors. During weekends you can enjoy Cossacks’ shows and even participate in them.
Address: 2, Mykhaila Dontsia Str., Kyiv, tel. +38 066 091 10 76, http://mamajeva-sloboda.ua

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If you go to Pyrogovo be ready to walk a lot. It is located 20 kilometers from Kyiv center. The territory of the Museum exceeds 1,300,000 square meters. National Museum of Ukrainian Architecture and Culture is the biggest open-air museum in Europe which offers a great collection of the national ethnographic heritage. Picturesque landscapes reproduce traditional lifestyle of different regions of Ukraine. Here you can get familiar with 100-year old Ukrainian lifestyle.


The area is located on the south end of Kyiv close to “Holosiyivskiy” old forest and historical village Pyrogovo. There is a unique collection of old windmills, water mills, forges, old traditional sauna, village administration houses, church school, priest mansion, shynok, huts, barns, stalls, cellars etc. If you are hungry and tired, you can go to shynok or “Yarivtsi” restaurant located on the territory of the museum. These are the places where you can enjoy national Ukrainian cuisine.
Address: Pyrogovo, Ukraine, tel. +380 44 526 2527, http://pyrohiv.com.ua
Etnoselo (Ethno Village)

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38 kilometers from Kyiv center along Zhytomyr highway there is a cozy and unique open-air museum of Ukrainian lifestyle history. It represents the houses of ancient times from different regions of the country. The territory is not so big as the one of Pyrogovo but here you can find not only ancient houses but also small zoo with wild and home animals, lake with ducks and swans, “Kolyba” restaurant, wooden church and very special hotel designed in old Ukrainian house (hata) style. You can also choose modern version of accommodation if you like. It is possible to spend a nice weekend here or just come for one day. You can visit some excursions and master classes, to learn how to work with clay, bake bread or make iron sword. Big picturesque lake and pine trees’ forest are located close to this museum.
Address: 60 Polyana Lisova St., Buzova village, Kyiv region, tel. +38 099 333 0770 http://etno-selo.com.ua

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