Feofania Park in Kyiv

Feofania Park in Kyiv

Feofania park was built in 1912. It occupies the picturesque area at the southern edge of Kyiv, near the Cathedral of St. Panteleymon.  Since 2003 the park has undergone some major renovation and remodeling. Despite its remote location, Feofania somehow became one of the favorite destinations for picnics and weekend trips for Kyiv dwellers.

There are springs, that are believed to have healing benefits, a cascade of lakes and mighty oak groves in the park. It is also neighbors the famous Kyiv Orthodox nunnery. The unique St. Panteleymon’s Cathedral was constructed in the traditional Russian style. Many visitors are amazed with its architectural elegance and beauty.
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The history of the St. Panteleymon’s Cathedral is unusual and dramatic. The St. Panteleymon’s Cathedral was built by Ukrainian architect Yermakov in 1912. Shortly after welcoming its first parishioners the Cathedral was closed by the Soviet regime. It was used a shelter for homeless children for some period of time. During the World War II the Cathedral was greatly damaged. Since the end of 1940s the monastery area was under control of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. It is believed that the first Soviet computer was designed in the cells of the St. Panteleymon’s. The research was led by academician Lebedev. That’s why the street leading to the nunnery is named after him.

There is also a wonderful archaeological and cultural site in the park. It is the hill called "Golgotha". There is a beautiful view of the neighborhood park and the Hotiv village from the hill. The results of the archeological excavations confirmed the fact that there had been a Scythian settlement in the 5th century B.C.

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There is a worship path in the park, where one can find several springs one of which is named as “Tears of the Mother of God”. Another spring is famous for its water temperature. Even during the hottest summer days it is not warmer than 8C, and never goes below 4C. A unique feature that distinguishes Feofania from other parks is its harmonious blend of landscapes, pristine nature and miraculous masterpieces of contemporary art at the background of the spiritual greatness of St. Panteleymon's Convent. Here in an atmosphere of total tranquility and grace you can have some quality time with your friends or family.

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This beautiful park is considered to be the masterpiece of Ukrainian landscape design. During the weekends Feofania park in Kyiv might get a little crowded. It also takes a slight effort to get there. Bus # 548 («Marshrutka») navigates from metro stations Pecherska, Druzhby Narodiv or Lybidska directly to Feofania park, which is its final stop.
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