Fryday Community in Kyiv

Fryday Community in Kyiv

Photo: Fryday Facebook Page Fryday is a community where expats and locals make new business contacts and meet friends. For somebody who has just moved abroad Fryday is a great opportunity to make new contacts, to go out, to get introduced to the entertainment scene. Fryday's events make it easy for foreigners to meet locals.

The community’s meetings frequent down-town hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs where locals and expats can exchange business and culture experiences, practice language skills, build relationships, find friends and enjoy nightlife and party.
Fryday Kyiv is the branch of one of the largest networks of cosmopolitan professionals currently active in Eastern and Central Europe.
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Photo: Fryday Facebook Page
“Fryday Kyiv started in April 2010. I took the franchise of Fryday Kyiv at the start of 2015. Previously I’ve been running Fryday Moscow. There is a kind of evolution of Fryday within last years.In spite of the crisis and that fact that a lot of expats have left the country in 2013-2014, our audience continues to grow up in 2015-2016. We have now more than 150 000 followers and subscribers in Kyiv” – Sam Kearley says.

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Photo: Fryday Facebook Page
Fryday provides networking and promotional opportunities across the spectrum of new media and through organization of popular Fryday events in the biggest cities of the region. This outstanding community represents an invaluable channel for any organization seeking to reach attention of professional audience across the region. It is popular, big and keeps in touch with the most progressive professional crowd. This flexible networking platform is open to new solutions, international and is continuously expanding
There is also a variety of trainings and seminars that are hosted by Fryday regularly. Fryday Kyiv decided not to lag behind and is starting the series of workshops and transiting for professionals and experts with world known coaches and lecturers.

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This vibrant Kyiv community is the largest network of Ukrainian and foreign professionals. Fryday community members work in all kinds of professional spheres like banks, industry, farming, law, accounting, marketing, recruitment, government, politics, IT, outsourcing, sales, business associations, restaurants, night clubs, universities, embassies, PR agencies, retail etc. They are from many different countries: Americans, British, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Italians, Spanish, Canadians, Belgians, French, Germans, Scandinavians, Norwegians, Finish, Irish. Expats and Ukrainians meet in one great cosmopolitan mix in Kyiv.
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Fryday Kyiv welcomes anyone who is open-minded and enjoys socializing. It offers superb networking time over well-mixed drinks!

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