Fun Indoor Activities for Cold Winter Days

Fun Indoor Activities for Cold Winter Days

Photo: depositphotos.comIt's cold outside... and it's not set to get warmer anytime soon at least for another couple of months.  For those snowy days when it’s too stormy even to walk to the nearby bar or cafe, «Destinations» rounded up a list of awesome inside fun activities to keep your mind and body both happy and busy during the winter months.

Just because the weather is quite fierce it doesn't mean you and your friends can't have fun spending time together. As the temperatures start to plummet and your body's winter hibernation mode starts to kick in, you may not feel like venturing out so much. The following activities would be best suited to a group of friends, however they could be re-arranged for dates or activities to incorporate the whole family. So invite your loved ones over and have some cozy yet totally fun nights and days in.
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Host A Movie (Or TV Series) Marathon

There are few pleasures greater than snuggling up with a blanket inside your warm house, some snacks, and the guaranteed satisfaction that comes with no commercials or scheduling conflicts, and uninterrupted, hours-long blocks of your favorite movie or TV show. This is an especially fun activity if you're having a girls' night in. You could even keep it seasonally themed; it's almost Christmas and everyone could bring their favorite festive movie.

Enjoy A Carpet Picnic

indoor carpet picnic
Carpet picnics are so fun. Lay a blanket down in the living room on a snowy cold day and set out a little picnic for your friends or family. A carpet picnic can be as wild as your imagination. You could set a theme and ensure that all of your snacks, picnic-ware, and decorations fit the theme. You could pick a Marie Antoinette themed picnic where you would treat your guests to French macaroons, dainty pastries, and pastel colored cakes.

Have A Board Game Day

Remember that iconic scene in Friends where the boys and girls go head-to-head in a trivia game and the girls end up losing their apartment? Aside from the hardcore bet they had going on, that game looked so awesome. BuzzFeed even created an online replica of the Friends trivia game so you can test your knowledge on your favorite characters. However, if you want to play a little closer to home you could totally create a version of this game for you and your friends to play, including personal questions about each of you, but possibly with less high stakes. Alternatively, there are so many fun board games out there like Monopoly, Activities or Pictionary. You could ask each of your friends to bring their favorite board game so that you can share your childhood favorites.

Host A Baking Competition

Photo: the Grocer
If you and your friends all love baking, you could play rock-paper-scissors to decide on the judge. This could be a weekly or monthly event and you could swap the judge each time. The nominated judge could craft and award a cute rosette to the winner. The best part is you and your friends can regularly eat a selection of baked goods for free and catch up with a cup of tea or coffee.

Hold A Video Game Tournament

guys playing video games
If electronics are more your thing, why not invite your friends over to have a video game tournament? There are plenty of games that are suitable for multiple players which you can use in a tournament system. To add a twist to the tournament the winner could think up forfeits or dares for the losers to endure or you could even turn the tournament into a drinking game by making the losers drink shots.
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Just because the weather is freezing, that doesn't mean you and your friends need to spend boring days indoors. Create new memories and have fun with these alternative indoor activities.

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