Home Delivery Services in Kyiv

Home Delivery Services in Kyiv

Sometimes each of us feels an urgent need to spend a “lazy day”, which means just having a relaxing time at home without leaving apartment. However, we still might need some home delivery services to make our lazy day more comfortable and enjoyable. Maybe you want to order a tasty dinner, a cocktail, an interesting book or even a professional massage. In such case, home delivery services in Kyiv will make your dreams come true.

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Drinkville cocktail delivery service is bringing the craft cocktails to the comfort of people’s homes with its on-demand cocktail list featuring drinks made by top local professional bartenders. Drinkville has a list of 3 classic cocktails: Negroni (gin, Campari, sweet red vermouth), Boulevardier (Campari, bourbon, sweet red vermouth), Caneflower (rum, Aperol, elderberry syrup). All the cocktails are bottled and kept in glass for 2 months. After the delivery, all you need is to open, add ice and orange slice. Each bottle has the detailed instruction of how to finish the cocktail. Currently cocktails are delivered within Kyiv and Kyiv suburb area. The next day delivery is free, same day delivery price depends on the location and urgency. Drinkville also offers drink catering for private parties.
Website: http://drinkville.com.ua/
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Auchan, one of the biggest hypermarkets in Ukraine, was opened in late March 2008. Its customers can buy here anything they like. There is a wide choice of food products (such as fresh pastry, bread, pies, fish, meat, cheese, etc.) in this hypermarket. In addition to foods, you can also buy household goods, furniture, home appliances, clothes, goods for outdoor recreation, gifts, books, and toys. You can purchase the above-mentioned goods online. All you have to do is register and create your account. And then you will be able to order anything you wish. You can pay online by credit card, or in cash upon delivery.
Website: www.auchan.zakaz.ua/en
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Two years ago, Andriy Orlyk and his sister established an uncommon book delivery service in Kyiv. Each month owners of BookBox service compose a unique set of books on particular topic and send it to those who subscribed. Considering that subscribers never know exact authors and names of books in a set, a package from BookBox is always a mystery and a surprise. However, owners say that they are in love with books and reading, so they guarantee to provide their clients only with perfectly chosen and exceptionally interesting books. Many books offered by the service are in English, so language barrier will not become an issue.
Website: https://www.facebook.com/bookboxua/
Valery Turakulov massage studio
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Valery Turakulov massage studio offers diverse high-quality massages for reasonable prices. Besides other services, clients can order a classic massage at home, so a therapist will come right to client`s apartment. Classic massage session lasts 90 minutes. It is a real gift for your body and soul. This massage influences not on a separate organ or body part, but the whole body, bringing overall relaxation and improving your health. Massage is a perfect solution if you want to reduce everyday stress and enhance your general well-being. After massage made by Valery Turakulov massage studio specialists, you will feel younger, happier and full of energy.
Website: https://www.facebook.com/massagekiev1/
ZooHollywood service for your pets

While staying at home in Kyiv, you can order services not just for yourself, but even for your pet! ZooHollywood travelling truck, which can go right to your house, is always ready to provide professional care for your dog or cat. The truck is fully equipped to ensure the best quality of grooming, hydrotherapy, massage and other services. ZooHollywood specialists know everything about excellent treatment of tooth, claws, ears and hair of animals. They have a lot of experience, so your pet will be in the right hands, feeling calm and secure. ZooHollywood service is a comfortable option if you need to take care of beauty and health of your pet without going away from home.
Website: http://www.zooholivyd.com.ua/
Make your lazy day wonderful with home delivery services in Kyiv.
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