How to Get a Ukrainian Visa

How to Get a Ukrainian Visa

For Ukraine, 2017 was graced with amazing news concerning a visa regime with the countries of European Union. Finally, Ukrainians may travel freely without the need to obtain a visa. For citizens of most countries in the world who want to travel in Ukraine, the same situation is true. Though, what about those who come for work or studies? Destinations answers how to get a visa to Ukraine in these cases.

To start with, it is necessary to remind that Ukraine has an established visa-free regime with most countries in Europe, as well as the United States and Japan concerning transit and trips up to 90 days on the territory of Ukraine. The official list of countries can be found at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine website.
Sure enough, there are way more situations that just a short trip or transit, that’s why if you find yourself wondering, “Do I need a visa to Ukraine?” check the further: if you plan to work/start a business, study, or want to stay in Ukraine for more than 90 days in a 180-day term, you do need a visa.
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In most cases, applying for a Ukrainian visa can be done at the local Embassy or Consulate no later than 3 months prior to a visit. Holders of passports of specified 33 countries which intend to stay in Ukraine for no more than 15 days can be issued a visa at border checkpoints at the international airports: KBP Boryspil, IEV Kyiv (Zhuliany), ODS Odesa. Besides, residents of Angola, Egypt, India, China, Lebanon, Morocco, Nigeria and Tunisia can apply to Ukraine Visa Centers operating in their countries. Now, let’s look at the types of Ukrainian visa and requirements for its obtaining.
General requirements for a visa to Ukraine

The first and foremost step one needs to do while planning to obtain Ukrainian visa is to make sure their passport, or a travel document, is valid. A passport is considered valid if its expiry date is at least 3 months after the intended date of departure from Ukraine. Travelling with an invalid passport may cause difficulties not only at the borders, but while boarding planes as well. Then, applicant needs to obtain printed and signed visa application form, as well as a paid visa fee receipt. The next requirements are pretty basic and well known to those who often apply for visas: 1 photo (35x45 mm), a proof of medical or travel insurance to cover the period of stay (minimum €30 000 or its equivalent in another currency), and a proof of sufficient funds to cover the period of stay (this can range from simple hotel/accommodation booking and cash in Hryvnia or convertible currency to bank cards with balance statements provided the card can be cashed in Ukraine and letters from sponsor or employers covering expenses for the trip).
These requirements are applicable to all visa types and are a must when obtaining a visa to visit Ukraine. Now that we know general rules, let’s look at more specific cases.
Transit visa

A transit, also called B type, visa is issued in case a foreigner or a stateless person wants to transit through Ukraine, provided that each transit period is no longer than 5 days. Transit visa is considered valid for one year, or another period depending on supporting documents one attaches. B-type visa can be single, double or multiple-entry.
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Once more, this visa is required for citizens of those countries that haven’t signed a visa-free regime agreement with Ukraine or have specific visa regime, which can be checked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine web-site.
Person applying for a transit visa needs to attach one of the following documents:
Visa for another country (if required) and tickets;
Documents confirming that person is to transfer Ukraine by car or coach;
International carrier license.
Short-term visa
This visa, also called C type, allows entering Ukraine for a period of 90 days in a 180-day term. This often functions as a tourist visa for the citizens of countries that have a specific visa regime with Ukraine. Short-term visa can be single, double or multiple-entry, and is considered valid for 6 months, or another period or another period depending on supporting documents one attaches. However, it is necessary to note that a short-term visa is not issued for more than a 5-year term.
Depending on the purpose of travel, applicant for a transit visa needs to attach one of the following documents:
Proof that the purpose of visit to Ukraine is tourism (e.g., hotel or accommodation booking, itinerary, sightseeing information);
Invitation letter from an entity or company registered in Ukraine;
Original of the notarized invitation letter from Ukrainian citizen or a foreigner who legally resides, temporarily or permanently, in Ukraine;
Documents confirming that the applicant owns real estate in Ukraine;
Invitation letter issued by a medical treatment institution / religious organization / international organizations / foreign states’ authorities;
Documents confirming that the applicant is a spouse, parent or child of Ukrainian citizen.
Long-term visa
Probably the most frequently issued visa, long-term or D type is also often called ‘work’ or ‘student’ visa to Ukraine. Indeed, in many cases this visa is obtained by those who want to study, work, or start a business in Ukraine.
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This is a multiple entry visa, valid for a period of 90 days, and allowing foreign person to apply for a temporary residence permit, which is a necessary step for staying in Ukraine for more than 90 days no matter the purpose.
Depending on the purpose, applicant for a long-term visa needs to attach one of the following:
Certified copy of the work permit issued by Ukraine’s State Centre for Employment, or a copy of the work contract for persons not requiring a work permit;
Copy of the immigration permit issued by a local office of Ukraine’s State Migration Service;
Invitation letter issued by a foreign company / non-governmental organization / foreign bank duly registered in Ukraine;
Invitation letter issued by relevant Ukrainian government authority, which allows participation in volunteering programs;
Invitation to study — an official document from the Ukrainian educational establishment one is applying to;
Other documents if stipulated by Ukraine’s international treaties.
More details and specific cases on how to get a Ukrainian visa can be found at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine website. Any corrections or new rules shall be posted there as well. Have a safe trip!
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