Interesting Kyiv Urban Projects to be Launched in the Nearest Future

Interesting Kyiv Urban Projects to be Launched in the Nearest Future

Kyiv is a vibrant and dynamic city that is constantly growing and evolving. The urbanization process of the city has recently involved both successful and not so projects. In the nearest future the capital of Ukraine is anticipating a number of significant and useful additions to its urbanist interface.

Obolon’ district in Kyiv is going to have two new parks. In fact, the territories have been already assigned and are currently being prepared to welcome first visitors by local communal cleaning services and some volunteers. New parks will be surrounding 3 small ponds: Jordan, Kirilov and Red’kino. These recreational zones can become a real welcoming addition to the busy residential area of Obolon’.
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The subway line to Troeshchyna area in Kyiv has already become a popular social-media meme as well as a popular among locals idiom referring to something that will never happen. Despite that, local authorities have announced about another ambitious subway project - subway line to Vynogradar. The construction works for the subway line will start at the end of 2017. By the end of 2019 two subway stations on the line are planned to be opened: Mostyts’ka and Pravda Avenue.

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Express tram from Borshchagivka to Sport Palace subway station is another ambitious transport project. The works are announced to start in 2018.
Speaking of trams, we can not but mention the project of the new shopping center, which will have trams going directly through it in special tunnels. The shopping center will be located in the final station of express tram # 3 (Les’ Kurbas Avenue) and is supposed to be opened by the end of the 2018.

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Kyiv Zoo is announced to undergo a major re-organization and re-construction. The construction works will start in July 2017. The project aims at turning Kyiv Zoo, one of the oldest zoos in Europe, into modern and visitor-friendly destination. The first stage of the re-construction will include water and swamp sections for birds and reptiles, primates section and the central entrance area, where food-court, restrooms, souvenir shop, lounge zone and medical rooms will be located. The project also features the new walking routes throughout the vast zoo area, viewing platforms for visitors, modern reconstruction of aviaries, which will not have iron cages anymore, and many other pleasant changes.

proekt rekonstrukcija zoopark kyjiv 5

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Needless to say, all these projects sound very interesting and could become very useful additions to Kyiv urban interface.
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