Kiev Sightseeing Bus Tours

Kiev Sightseeing Bus Tours

New to Kiev and want to learn more about this wonderful place? Some prefer to discover city on their own, walking around the streets with a map. Of course, it can be much fun, but what to do if you do not have enough time to explore everything by yourself? In this case, you can always choose a guided bus excursion that will allow you to see all the important landmarks of Kiev during few hours. Let`s check out the most popular routes of Kiev sightseeing tours.

There are many professional agencies in Kiev offering sightseeing bus excursions for any taste. For example, you can find and book good tours online by websites such as, and, or join an excursion right at the spot, buying tickets in the excursion bureau located near the central railway station. The bus sightseeing tours in Kiev always include services of professional guides who will tell everything about visited landmarks. Excursions in Kiev are available in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish, German, French, Spanish and other languages on request. So what can we see in Kiev in the course of a bus sightseeing tour?
Standard Sightseeing Bus Tour in Kiev: the Main Landmarks
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A standard sightseeing excursion in Kiev includes all the best sights of the capital. You will see old Pechersk district with its ancient monasteries of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, gorgeous Maryyinsky palace and luxury mansions in Lypki district. The Museum of the History of Ukraine in the WWII with a large open-air military exhibition and 102-meter high Motherland monument is another must-visit point. You will also see Podil district, notable for its special atmosphere of the old Kiev of the XIX century; St. Michael`s Golden-Domed monastery; St. Volodymyr`s cathedral; St. Andrew`s church; the famous St. Sophia`s cathedral, built in the XI century by prince Yaroslav the Wise. Not far from there you will find the Golden Gate – a huge structure that served as the main entrance to Kiev in the old times. You will also visit the remains of the castle of the princess Olga and the ancient pagan temple near the Historical Museum. Of course, you will also go to Andryyivsky Descent – the touristic Mecca of Kiev, where you can buy pretty souvenirs. After that, tour bus will take you to Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence square) and Khreschatyk – the main square and street of Ukrainian capital. In the end of your tour, you will go to the best observation platforms of Kiev in Maryyinsky park and Park of Fame, where you will enjoy and take pictures of the amazing views over the Dnipro River and the left bank of Kiev.
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“Seven Wonders of Kiev” Tour
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If you pick this popular route, you will see seven important sights that are considered the true wonders of Kiev. These are unbelievably beautiful places with exciting history:
1. St. Andrew`s church in the baroque style and charming Andryyivsky Descent.
2. “House with Chimeras” – an unusual building, decorated by sculptures of weird marine monsters and exotic animals.
3. Vydubitsky monastery – here you will see famous necropolis with numerous graves from the times of Ekaterina II.
4. St. Volodymyr`s cathedral – one of the main churches of Ukrainian Orthodox community. Inside the cathedral, you will see amazing paintings made by the famous Mikhail Vrubel` and Victor Vasnetsov.
5. Kiev-Mohyla Academy on Kontraktova square – one of the oldest universities of Ukraine. This academy is depicted on UAH 500 bank note.
6. The monastery complex Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, famous for its legendary caves.
7. One of the oldest architectural monuments of Kiev Rus – St. Sophia`s cathedral. The bell tower of the cathedral was built by the well-known hetman Ivan Mazepa.
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Churches and Monasteries of Kiev
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Kiev is an ancient Christian center. Since the times of Kiev Rus Christianization in the X century, numerous beautiful churches and monasteries have been built on its territory. Each prince, hetman and president of Ukraine added more churches to Ukrainian capital. In the Soviet period, almost the half of all churches and monasteries here was demolished in order to give space for construction of the large governmental and industrial buildings. However, many Kiev churches have survived the Soviet era and still enrich the capital`s image. During bus sightseeing tour dedicated to Kiev churches and monasteries you will visit such famous sights as St. Sophia`s cathedral, St. Volodymyr`s cathedral, St. Andrew`s church, St. Michael`s Golden-Domed monastery, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.
Monasteries of Kiev Suburbs
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Kiev has many beautiful churches not only in its center, but also in suburban area. Kiev has been always famous for large number of holy sites, and some of them are built far from city center where people can feel peace and harmony with nature. This excursion will be interesting not only for those who want to learn more about the history of Orthodox religion, but also for ones who value visiting calm silent places surrounded by picturesque greenery of forests and parks. During this bus tour, you will visit Cathedral of St. Pantaleon in Feofania park, Saint Intercession monastery in Goloseyevo district, Saint Trinity monastery in Kitayevo, Zverinetsky monastery of St. Archangel Michael with caves that are considered as archaeological monument.
Mezhyhiria Complex
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Mezhihirya complex, the residence of Ukrainian ex-president Viktor Yanukovych, was opened for excursions only few years ago. Now it is one of the most popular places for bus tours around Kiev. Apart from gorgeous mansion, beautiful landscape park, zoo, car park and other belongings of the ex-president, this place is well-known for its long history that goes back to the ancient times. Mezhihirya was the center of Trylillya culture, famous for its developed agricultural and pottery technologies. In medieval times, Mezhihirya, located in a valley surrounded by three hills, was hunting area used by Kiev princes. Mezhyhirya Savior-Transfiguration Monastery, built here in the X century, was one of the main religious centers in the times of Cossacks. During bus sightseeing excursion to Mezhihirya complex, you will learn both about old and modern history of this beautiful location.
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“Pyrogovo” Open-air Museum of Folk Architecture and Life
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In the course of an excursion to the large Pyrogovo museum located in Kiev suburbs you will see the examples of classic Ukrainian folk architecture, old wooden windmills and churches. You will also have an opportunity to taste traditional Ukrainian food, to ride horses and to try yourself in various folk crafts.
Kiev sightseeing tours in comfortable buses are a great chance to dive into magnificent beauty and rich history of this charming city. Enjoy!
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