Kyiv Most Beautiful Temples

Kyiv Most Beautiful Temples

In old times people believed that temples and churches determined the face and soul of the city. Despite the fact that churches, cathedrals and synagogues in Kyiv have suffered greatly through numerous wars and unrests, the glorious religious architecture dominates the skyline of modern Kyiv.

Kyiv is world-famous for its churches and temples, mostly related to the glorious Kyivan Rus past, as well as multi-ethnical heritage. Churches and cathedrals in Kyiv shine with their golden domes creating unique atmosphere of Ukraine’s capital. There are several functioning synagogues in Kyiv as well. Our web rounded up most famous religious architecture of Kyiv.
Kyevo-Pecherska Lavra is the holiest ground in all three eastern Slavic countries - Ukraine, Russia and Belarus - for Orthodox pilgrims and one of the most popular Kyiv destinations for tourists. Kyevo-Pecherska Lavra is the city's single most fascinating and extensive church complex in Kyiv.

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One more church in Kyiv whose golden domes can’t be ignored by tourists is St. Michael Monastery. It is located at the end of the Volodymyrsky proyizd. The original 12th century St. Michael Church was destroyed by the Soviets in 1937. Current version of St. Michael Monastery was finished in 2001; it is the copy of its 12th century predecessor. St. Michael Monastery wows all Kyiv visitors with impossibly shiny cupolas and picture perfect vistas over Dnipro River.

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St. Sophia Cathedral is one more masterpiece of religious architecture located in Kyiv. This Orthodox cathedral is believed to be one of the oldest stone churches in eastern Europe. The interior of St. Sophia Cathedral is the most astounding aspect of Kyiv's sacral heritage. All the mosaics and frescos of the cathedral have its allotted positions according to Byzantine decorative schemes, turning the church into a giant 3D symbol of the Orthodox Christianity.

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St. Nicholas Cathedral in Kyiv is one of the few Catholic churches of Ukraine’s capital. This is a beautiful gothic-style Roman Catholic Church located near Olimpiskiy Metro Station. The interior of the Cathedral is rather modest compering to the dramatic exterior of the building. What makes St. Nicholas Cathedral in Kyiv special is the everyday classical music organ concerts frequented by locals as well as by tourists.

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There are several functioning synagogues in Kyiv as well. The Brodsky Choral Synagogue is the largest one in Kyiv. Brodsky Synagogue was opened in late 19th century and is located in the historic heart of Kyiv on Shota Rustavelli street. This is the largest Kyiv synagogue. The oldest synagogue of the Ukrainian capital is the Great Choral Synagogue of Kyiv, also known as the Podil Synagogue or the Rozenberg Synagogue. It is located on Podil and is often referred to as one of the most outstanding monuments of Jewish culture remained in Ukraine.


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The list of churches, cathedrals and synagogues in Kyiv can be tremendously long. However, words cannot express the beauty and holiness of Kyiv religious architecture, the place of glorious Kyivan Rus past and the home of different religions and cultures.


There is a large population of Muslims in Ukraine. Ar-Rahma Mosque, translated Mercy Mosque, is a mosque in Kyiv. It was built between the years 1996 and 2000 in the Tatarka neighborhood of the city. Construction of the mosque took place in stages, with money donated by Muslims of the city. After the completion of the first part of construction of the mosque in 1998 the prayers were held only on Fridays and major holidays. In 2000, a crescent moon was installed on the dome of the new mosque and from that day the temple opened its doors to parishioners.
Address: Lukianivska St, 46 Kyiv.

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