Kyiv Unusual City Tours

Kyiv Unusual City Tours

Take a look at Kyiv from a different angle and see the quirkier side of the city. There are so many sightseeing tours in Kyiv to choose and satisfy your hunger for culture, history, excitement and entertainment, however «Destinations» rounds a list of unusual city tours to take you off the beaten track around Ukraine’s capital.

Mystic Kyiv by Discovery Kyiv Tour Agency

It is one of the most unusual tours around Kyiv. During the walk there will be many amazing facts and discoveries, legends, signs and mystic stories about Kyiv. After this tour many locals and guests of our city feel nothing else but real transformation in their sensations, awareness and ideas.
Kyiv, as a living energy and information entity is aware of its special role in world history. This city knows it has a special place on the map and after the tour the tourists will have a chance to understand why.
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Witches of the Castle Hill by Sputnik Tour Bureau

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During this tour you will be invited to the world of mysteries of the Castle Hill. The Hill was an ancient place of the power, the meeting place for wolves, which got together for mystical “shabash” at the dawn of history. Now the constant visitors of this place are not wolves but people who practice modern paganism.
Besides, you will hear stories about daily-life and days-off of Kyivan witches, you will learn how to make brooms and magical drinks.

Kyiv by Night by Travel Professional Group (TPG)

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Excursion «Kyiv by Night" is a visit to Kyiv lookouts, it is an opportunity to see the mysterious and romantic city in the light of lanterns and neon lights, is an unforgettable impression on the illuminations and the limelight. During the tour you will discover totally amazing and unusual Kyiv and visit the memorial sites: Glory Park, Arch of Friendship, Volodymyr Hill, a monument to Prince Volodymyr with glowing cross. You will discover the beautiful panoramas of the temples, bridges, areas of Kyiv such as Podil and the Left Bank.

The History of Jewish Community in Kyiv offered by various tour companies

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The history of Jewish community of Kyiv is the integral part of the history of the capital city of Ukraine. The influence of Jewish community can be traced in many spheres of city life of Kyiv. There were a lot of Jewish praying houses and educational establishments in Kyiv. Many prominent Jewish personalities had something in common with Kyiv. Golda Meir and Efraim Katsir were born in Kyiv. Sholom-Aleykhem wrote his masterpieces here. Isaac Babel studied in Kyiv. Ilya Erenburg and Joseph Mandelstam lived in Kyiv. The Jewish donators supported the construction of Bessarabsky market, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and many other public buildings. Unfortunately, during World War II Kyiv was the scene of mass execution of Jews in Baby Yar. Join our tour and you will learn about the history of Kyiv Jews as well as about the modern life of Jewish community in Kyiv as the visit to the Central synagogue is included in the tour too. 
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Kyiv Bridges by Kyiv First Tourist Bureau (Primetour)

During the tour the information about all the bridges over the Dnipro River in city limits of Kyiv will be provided to you. You will hear about the existing bridges and about the bridges under construction. You will be amazed with their artistic style. You will enjoy the unique panorama of our city. And no doubt you will be impressed with the mighty waters of the Dnipro. Any bridge cannot be considered as just a type of utilitarian transport facilities because it is an important component of the environment. Bridges have always been considered a factor indicating the level of development of society in any era, any country.  You will learn many interesting things about the history of local and world bridge construction. You will learn about the role of bridges in people’s lives. Bridges are considered to be the important factor in creating the architectural outlook of city as well as in the development of city transport system. You will hear the history of Kyiv bridges. No doubt bridges are the highest technological achievements of mankind. And big respect is paid to the outstanding bridge builders of the past and the present such as F. Enrold, C. Vignoles, S. Kerbedz, D. Zhuravsky, A. Struve, N. Belelyubsky, E. Paton, I. Barenboim, V. Kireenko and G. Fuchs. During the tour you will find out the basic principles of bridges design as well as about the technical innovations used in the bridge construction.
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