La Farme d’Elise goat cheese farm near Lviv

La Farme d’Elise goat cheese farm near Lviv

The only way to fully appreciate the fascinating, sensory art of real cheesemaking and the unique beauty of La Farme d’Elise estate is to drop in for a visit.

10 years ago Bernard Vilem from Belgium moved to Ukraine and created serious cheese business from a scratch. Goat cheeses from La Farme d’Elise are well known and are of high demand among European gastronomers as well as local foodies. Take a short car ride from busy touristy city center to see a real European-style working farm, watch the milk move from goat to dairy, from curd to cheese. Meet friendly goats, try to milk them, learn how to make goat cheese.

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As well as a leisurely two-hour tour your visit may include a chance to taste some of the farm’s magnificent cheeses. Hosts of La Farme d’Elise offer cheese tastings upstairs in rustically chic refurbished hay loft.

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This is a family run farm and the hosts are super friendly and very interesting to talk to. You can even enjoy a gourmet lunch, if you book it in advance. Just give them a call in advance and you’ll be talked through all the options of the tour. 

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Before you head home don’t forget to stock up on farm made butter, marmalade and, of course, cheese in the local shop. At La Farm d’Elise they believe that food shopping should be a sensory experience, a journey of taste. That is why La Farm d’Elise Shop is becoming something of a destination in its own right. Step inside and close your eyes. Savour the aroma of fine cheeses and artisanal food.  

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After visiting La Farme d’Elise near Lviv the one starts to understand that great cheesemaking is an art. Farmers are carefully managing green pastures, feeding their specially-bred goats and sheep on lush grass and best food, so that they give the very best milk to subtly shift it in flavour of true expression of the landscape from which it came from.
Address: Dmytrovychi Village, Lviv Region, 3 km from Sudova Vyshnya town. Tour reservation required by phone +380676734970

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