Langauge Program and Culture School: Learn Ukrainian in Lviv

Langauge Program and Culture School: Learn Ukrainian in Lviv

Language Program and Culture School in Lviv is the best opportunity to find out a lot about traditional and present-day life in Ukraine and to study Ukrainian language.

The Ukrainian Catholic University offers its annual language program in Lviv, a unique combination of Ukrainian language classes and a rich cultural immersion program. Ukrainian Language and Culture Program is the largest and most prestigious Ukrainian as a foreign language program in Ukraine, welcoming almost one hundred students from over twenty eight countries each summer.
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The Language Program caters to students of all levels - from total beginners to those with an advanced level of Ukrainian language. The program consists of 2 sessions from 2 to 6 weeks long. Academic credits are transferable to most North American, European and Australian colleges and universities.

Each day students have tutoring with native speakers. All teachers at School of Ukrainian Language & Culture are qualified professionals in teaching Ukrainian as a foreign language.
Outside of the classroom, an exciting social activities program is designed to make the process of learning Ukrainian interactive and fun. Different opportunities are offered – weekly excursions to local cultural highlights, games, talent contests, parties, barbecues, concerts, etc.
Lviv is a distinctive city in which the history, culture, and mentality of the East and West merge for an exceptional cultural experience. Lviv's geographic location at the intersection of cultures and civilizations has influenced its development into an important cultural city.

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For more information on Language Program and Culture School in Lviv visit The Ukrainian Catholic University official web page. Participation in Ukrainian Language Courses provides students with a rare opportunity for total immersion in one of the most vibrant and culturally diverse cities in Europe and increase Ukrainian language skills.

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