Londonskaya, Odesa Iconic Hotel

Londonskaya, Odesa Iconic Hotel

Photo: Londonskaya Facebook PageLondonskaya hotel is situated in the historical center of Odesa and is considered to be iconic hotel of the city.  Odesa tourists nicknamed the building of the hotel “the frozen music”, due to its elegant architecture and refined ensemble of legendary Primorsky Boulevard. These days Londonskaya is a prestigious four-star hotel, as well as a striking architectural and historical landmark in Odesa.

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The splendid building in Italian Renaissance style was constructed in 1828. Firstly it was a mansion commissioned by the prince Lopukhin, designed by Francesco Boffo, the author of several aristocratic residences of Primorsky Boulevard. 20 years later the building was purchased by French confectioner and gastronome, Jean-Baptiste Karuta, who was organizing his hotel and catering business in Odesa. Therefore he opened a hotel here.
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When it was time to decide which name to choose, it appeared that all “French” options had been already in use – Odesa already had hotels and restaurants with such names as "Paris", "Richelieu", "France", "Lyon", "Versailles", etc. Then Karuta decided to try the British theme and named his hotel Londonskaya («the one from London» in Ukrainian and Russian). By the way, it started a new trend for English names; for example, later on Odesa obtained a new hotel called “England”.

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Since then, the building had several owners, each of them tried to give it new architectural features. The most extensive refurbishment took place in 1899-1900. As a result, the hotel Londonskaya acquired its modern look, whose main highlight is a combination of aristocratic luxury and elegancy.
The halls and rooms of the hotel are amazing. Its rich interiors create a sensation of being in the royal palace: chic marble staircases with hammered iron handrail, slender columns, crystal chandeliers and stained-glass windows.

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It is not surprising that Londonskaya hotel has attracted a lot of celebrities and respected personalities throughout its existence. At various times the hotel welcomed Robert Stevenson, Isadora Duncan, Sarah Bernhardt, Anton Chekhov, Maxim Gorky and many other prominent people as presidents, diplomats, artists, actors, and musicians.
Photo: Londonskaya Facebook Page

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