Lviv Unusual City Tours

Lviv Unusual City Tours

Take a look at Lviv from a different angle and see the quirkier side of the city.There are so many sightseeing tours in Lviv to choose and satisfy your hunger for culture, history, excitement and entertainment is easy.

Lviv Watchmakers tour

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The rhythm of Lviv - is the rhythm of watchtower chords and bells. They beat without rest already hundreds of years. Every fifteen minutes their bells remind us that our life is fleeting and the world keeps spinning. During the tour «Lviv Watchmakers" you will have a chance to see the main Lviv tower clock and its mechanism as well as other watches: floral, sun, beer and other good old clocks and watches scattered around the city. You will learn when and why the Lviv citizens stopped using local time and a lot of interesting things about the history of measuring time in Lviv.
Freemasons’ trace in Lviv tour

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The Freemasons are one of the most secretive and controversial religious groups in the world. Masons have existed for centuries – and if we believe their claims, they’ve existed covertly for even longer. Who are Freemasons? When did they appear in Lviv and what trace did they leave in the history of Lviv? What is the Masonic symbols’ meaning on Lviv houses? This city tour will uncover a lot of secrets as well as interesting Lviv city trivia.
Stained Glass Masterpieces tour

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This walking tour will reveal unique stained glass masterpieces of Lviv Cathedrals.
Participants will have a chance to observe Latin Cathedral, the Cathedral of the Virgin Assumption, St. George Temple and Cathedral of St. John from different perspective, looking at the city through masterfully created stained glass windows.

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Most city tours go by the same theme. Hop on, hop off. Walk here, walk there. It can often become tiresome and boring, especially when you are with a flock of tourists. Take a chance on these Lviv unusual city tours, which will take to the most unique, most unusual, spookiest spots this city has to offer.

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