Main Business Communities in Kyiv

Main Business Communities in Kyiv

Kyiv being the capital of Ukraine and the business center of the country houses many business communities. These communities provide thorough support for entrepreneurs to form a solid base for businesses and their successful development. Let us take a closer look at the list of the most popular business communities in Kyiv.

American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine
American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine (ACC) is an internationally oriented business community – the most active and effective in Ukraine. ACC represents business leaders and experts of over 600 member organizations – the biggest investors and the largest multinationals operating in Ukraine which contribute greatly to the state budget and create opportunities for people in Ukraine to realize their potential. 
Address: Horizon Park Business Center, 12 Amosova Street, 15th Floor, Kyiv, 03680, Ukraine; ACC web page

British Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce
The British Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (BUCC) was originally established in 1997 to promote trade and investment between the United Kingdom and Ukraine. Since then, it has broadened its approach significantly and now it promotes business internationally between Ukraine and a wide range of regions including Europe, North and South America, the far East and the former Soviet Union.

The BUCC draws its membership from Ukrainian, British and international companies, organisations and individuals and this helps to ensure that the broadest spectrum of government, business and society is accessed both within Ukraine and abroad. This provides a unique opportunity to develop an understanding of business, commercial, trade and cultural issues between Ukraine and other countries and to address these issues in the promotion of multilateral relationships.
The British Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce brings together British and international companies and individuals wishing to focus on the Ukrainian market, and offers assistance to Ukrainian companies and individuals wishing to establish business, commercial and trade relationships in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

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Kyiv-The Netherlands Business Club
Kyiv-The Netherlands Business Club was founded in 2000. During these years years, the club existed as an exclusive, closely-knit club of managers of Ukrainian companies who got the internship and were trained in the Netherlands.
Kyiv-The Netherlands Business Club is international business community, representatives of which operate on the territory of Ukraine and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It's main mission is  to develop mutually beneficial business cooperation of Ukraine with the Netherlands and other EU countries.

Today, the Business Club is open to entrepreneurs from Ukraine, the Netherlands and other EU countries. The activities of the Business Club are increasing in scale and are aimed at specific actions and achieving practical results.
Clubs experts and consultants offer practical solutions for companies interested in the output of goods and services to European markets. Representative offices of the club both in Kyiv and in the Netherlands provide quick access to the necessary contacts and communications and provide the latest information on doing business in the EU.

Kyiv Rotary Club
is a non-profitable voluntary organization of entrepreneurs and is united by the idea of public service aimed to make the society better. All Rotarians have excellent business and professional reputation and are leaders in different fields of activity. Rotary movement in Ukraine has started in 1992 and now there are 40 Rotary Clubs in Ukraine. Kyiv Rotaru Club Facebook page

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European Business Association
The European Business Association is a leading organization that contributes to EU-Ukraine relationship and cooperation, provides international businesses with a great networking and lobbying platform. Its main aim is protection of the interests of foreign investors here in Ukraine, provision to its members of important up-to-date information concerning Ukrainian markets and legislative system. With over 900 members now, it’s one of the largest and one of the most influential business communities in the country.
European Business Association web page

The German Business Club 
The German Business Club is a nonprofit organization that unites the community of German businessmen in Ukraine. Its aim is not only to satisfy economic interests of its members, but also to enrich their social and cultural life.
German Business Club web page.  

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