May Holidays in Ukraine: Top Destinations

May Holidays in Ukraine: Top Destinations

May, with its beautiful blooming trees and flowers, warm air and shining sunbeams, is just around the corner. For those who live in Ukraine, the coming of May is a special gift: in 2018, this month includes three additional holidays on 1st, 9th and 28th.  Considering this, many of us are already planning their weekends, wishing to have as much fun and bright impressions as possible. Let us help you by offering some wonderful destinations in Ukraine to visit this May.

Sakura Fest in Uzhgorod
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In case you did not know: sakura trees take roots only in Japan, some places in the USA and in Uzhgorod in Ukraine. Each year in the end of April Uzhgorod city turns into a fairytale, pleasing the eye with blooming sakuras as well as magnolias, Japanese quince, Florida and Chinese apple trees. Many tourists from all the corners of Ukraine as well as from the whole world come here to see this amazing beauty. To add some fun and pleasures to the process of observing wonders of nature, Uzhgorod administration organizes “Sakura Fest”. This year, the event takes places in different locations of the city from April 18 till May 6. Program of the festival includes the following activities: setting young sakuras; agro-fair; international Fire Life Fest 2018; art exhibitions; contests and quests; workshops; concerts and food courts.
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“Fire and Meat” Festival in Mukacheve, Zakarpattia
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On May 4-6, 2018, “Ogin` i Mnyaso” (“Fire and Meat”) festival will be held in a cozy town Mukacheve in Zakarpattia. As we obviously can see from the name, the main concept of the event is meat cooked on fire using recipes of different national cuisines: Carpathian, Romanian, German, Slovak and other. The great gastronomic fest will also present craft beers from the best breweries of Zakarpattia (tap and bottled) and delicious wines. The guests will enjoy folk songs and dances of Zakarpattia region as well as many other interesting activities. The full program of the festival will be announced in the nearest time. “Ogin` i Mnyaso” festival will take place in Peremogy park in Mukacheve.
Aktove Canyon, Mykolayiv Oblast`
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Aktove canyon on Mertvovod River in Mykolayiv oblast`, also known as “Devil`s valley” because of its unusual red color, is a unique complex of forest and water ecosystems with impressive rocks and granite cliffs. This is the only one canyon in Europe that is similar to the famous canyons of the North America by geological characteristics and landscapes. Aktove canyon, stretched from Aktovo village to Petropavlivka village, is 3 km by length, 40-50 m by depth and it embraces 250 hectares. Winding riverbed of Mertvovod, sheer cliffs, granite and basalt rocks along with picturesque surrounding nature attract many tourists from Ukraine and other countries. The complicated terrain relief makes rafting in this area impossible, but big rocks open wide opportunities for alpinists. Natural complex of Aktove canyon is a part of “Buksky Grad” national park.
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Narcissus Valley in Khust, Zakarpattia
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One of the largest world`s valleys of narrow-leaved narcissus, the rare plant listed in the Red Book, is located near Khust town in Zakarpattia region. Each year in the period of narcissus blooming from May 1 to May 25 the valley is visited by more than 10 000 tourists who want to see this natural miracle. In this time, “White Narcissus” festival is traditionally held in Khust, and the fair with thematic souvenirs takes place right near the valley. Recently, three observation platforms have been installed in the valley to make guests feel more comfortable. There is also an option to ride through the valley in horse-drawn carriages. After a trip to the valley, we recommend to visit “Narcissus Museum”, where you will learn much about unique flora and fauna of this area. By the way, an ostrich farm is located nearby – another interesting sight to see.
Vilkovo, Odesa Oblast`
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This unusual town in Odesa oblast` of Ukraine is often called “Ukrainian Venice”. Vilkovo, located in Danube delta in similarly-named biosphere reserve, was founded in 1746 by so-called “Old Believers” who were persecuted by Orthodox Church. Guests of the town can see the monument to city founders on the mooring. The town is built on numerous artificially created channels and creeks, forming unusual “water streets”. Considering this, it is no surprise that boats are the most popular transport in Vilkovo. In this town, visitors are welcome to take an excursion to Danube flooded lands, to “Zero kilometer” (the point where Danube meets the Black Sea) and to the island of Old Believers who still live in the nature without any modern communications. Those who are interested may also visit Old Believers` Church of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin built in 1850.
Buky Canyon, Cherkasy Oblast`
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Picturesque Buky canyon in Cherkasy oblast` of Ukraine is formed by the high rocky shores of Gorny Tickich River. The river has cut its bed through 2 billion-year old granite deposits. The wandering canyon is narrow (20-40 m), deep (up to 20 m) and long (around 1 km). If you stay in the center of Buky village on the bridge across Gorny Tickich, you can observe beautiful stony banks with rapid waters running between them. Here you can also see ruins of an old watermill of the XIX century and hydroelectric power station built in 1929. Downstream, tourists can find “Vyr” (“Whirlpool” in Ukrainian) – a deep vortex in the riverbed. Going further, they will also see the most interesting place of this area, where high sharp rocks are suspended right above water, creating a landscape that is more typical for Norwegian fiords than for central Ukraine. Comfortable places for picnics can be found all along the canyon, so it is a good place for relaxation with friends and family.
Visiting each of these attractive destinations will make your May holidays 2018 unforgettable. Enjoy your trip!
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