Medical tourism in Kiev: Laser Eye Surgery clinics

Medical tourism in Kiev: Laser Eye Surgery clinics

Photo: Shutterstock.comUkraine – is not just the geographical center of Europe. In our country you will also find a lot of sights, historical places, interesting national goods for every taste and wallet and also high-level medicine. Nowadays medical tourism in Ukraine is on the way to its development. We already have a lot of commercial clinics with experienced doctors ready to help in different sphears, including laser eye surgery.

One of the main directions for the medical tourism in our country is laser eye surgery. Kiev is especially popular among tourists with such purposes and needs. Foreigners are looking for good services along with the acceptable prices. «Destinations» chooses the best laser eye surgery clinics in the capital according to feedbacks of patients.
1. Eksimer
This medical clinic has been the first one of this type in Kiev and it provides new level of care and help. The medical center also became pioneer in the sphere of the eyes surgeries in Kiev (outpatient). The number of everyday clients is about 100 people. From the very beginning this clinic treated 60 000 persons.
Address: Delovaya Str., 5B.
Telephone: +38 (044) 238-68-00 or 0-800-505-955 (free from the territory of Ukraine)
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2. Ailaz
The name of this medical center is the abbreviation from «American institute of laser technologies». The clinic was found in 2005. It provides all kinds of eye treatment in Kiev and offers therapy against visual impairment. Specialists in this center use innovation technology of night lenses for dealing with children’s myopia.
Address: Metro «Osokorki», Bazhana avenue, 12a, 5th floor
Telephone: +38 (044) 390-15-34
3. Optimed
Optimed is a part of international system of eye clinics in Kiev. Treatment of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, glaucoma is among main specialties of the center. Medical staff uses equipment from Germany, Japan and USA for surveys and surgeries. Doctors pass upgrade courses on regular basis.
Address: Nevskiy alle, 13/19
Telephone: +38 (044) 272-41-30 or +38(044) 272-49-00
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4. British Ophthalmological Center
British Ophthalmological Center is one more variant for you, if you are interested in medical tourism and looking for laser eye surgery and eye specialists in Kiev. There you can find any kind of treatments and services which can provide you with better vision – from simple checking to serious medical manipulations.
Address: Krutoy Spusk, 3a, 100 m from Bessarabskiy Market.
Telephone: +380 (044) 230-70-70 or 0 800 507 077 (free from the territory of Ukraine)
While looking for the proper laser eye surgery clinic in Kiev, do not hesitate to look through various ratings and feedbacks in the Internet or contact different medical centers. This will help you to make right decision.

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