Most Expected Events in Ukraine 2018

Most Expected Events in Ukraine 2018

Starting a new year with big dreams and positive expectations is always a right decision, and in 2018, we are lucky to have good reasons for it. This year, people in Ukraine impatiently await for many positive changes that have been recently announced in mass media. In 2018, life of Ukraine will positively change in many ways, bringing the country closer to the highest world`s standards. Let us discover the most expected upcoming events in Ukraine 2018.

More Low-Cost Airline Companies
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The government has recently announced that after all difficult negotiations long-awaited Ryanair, popular Irish lowcoster, is planning to start its operation in Ukrainian airports in 2018. Meanwhile, Ernest Airlines Italian lowcoster has already started selling tickets to Naples, Milan and Venice from Kyiv and Lviv. A one-way ticket price begins from EUR 49.99. Besides, starting from June 21, 2018, Ukrainians will be able to fly to Tallinn and Lisbon using famous Wizz Air. The first Ukrainian lowcoster SkyUp, that will launch in April 2018, promises reasonably priced flights to Turkey, Egypt, Spain, Montenegro, Albania, Italy, Bulgaria, UAE and Cyprus from Kyiv as well as domestic routes between Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv and Odesa. Active negotiations with EasyJet British lowcoster are in progress. The company also plans to operate flights in Ukraine.
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Opening of One of the Largest Amusement Parks in Kyiv
Opening of a very large trade and entertainment center in Kyiv is scheduled for 2018. The new center in Goloseyevskiy district of the city will become a real paradise for kids as well as for their parents. “Republika” center will embrace 135 000 square meters, and this huge territory will include more than 450 shops, hypermarkets, cinema, skating ring and aqua park. However, a big amusement park, covering 22 000 square meters, will be the main attraction of the complex. There will be a 20-meter high ferris wheel, 500-meter length rollercoaster and numerous other exciting amusement rides.
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2018 UEFA Champions League Final in Kyiv
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On May 26, 2018, Kyiv will host the final of UEFA Champions League, the most prestigious football tournament of worlds` football clubs. Tickets are not on sale yet, but the approximate prices have been already announced: EUR 65-440. It should be mentioned that it is only second time in UEFA Champions League history when the tournament of such level takes place in Eastern Europe. The first time it happened in Moscow in 2008. It is supposed that the tournament will be visited by not less than 60 000 tourists. Reconstruction works on “Olympiyskiy” stadium in Kyiv are already in progress.
Safe Roads
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Starting from January 1, 2018, new 50 km/h limitation on transport speed on city roads came into force. The same rule is applied in the most of European countries. Besides, new system of automated photo and video fixation will be implemented till the end of 2018. The new fines for speeding in a city rose up from UAH 510 to UAH 3400. These measures are supposed to decrease number of road accidents. The punishment for drunk driving is also likely to become more severe: perpetrators will be sentenced to prison for 3-12 years and their driving license will be cancelled. Fines for driving without license will increase as well. The new rules also await for those who just received their license: the first license will be issued for only 2 years, and after this period, if a person commits no more than 2 violations, the second license will be issued for 30 years. Generally speaking, Ukrainian roads will become much safer.
IKEA and H&M Opening
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These two brands had already become theme for jokes among Ukrainians, because fake news about their launching in Ukraine were spread in mass media too many times. However, this time pleasant news are getting real. Swedish company IKEA had been planning to enter Ukrainian market since 2005, but officially announced its launch only in 2017. The first store will be opened in Kyiv in 2018 or in 2019. Besides that, in 2018, H&M, the largest European clothes shops network is going to open few stores in Kyiv. This information was announced in summer 2017. The company is considering opening its shops in Sky Mall, Lavina Mall and Ocean Plaza.
Waste Sorting
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Finally, Ukraine starts to take ecological issues more seriously, as all European countries do. On January 1, 2018, the updated law about waste came into force. According to this law, each citizen is obliged to sort waste by materials: organics, meatal, glass, plastic and paper. Special containers for sorted waste will be installed in the cities as soon as possible.
3G/4G Internet in Kyiv Metro
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Recently it has been announced that issue of launching 3G and 4G Internet in Kyiv metro will finally be solved in the nearest future. After long negotiations with ESU (the company responsible for 2G network), the mobile operators decided to give it up and to try new approach: they are planning to create their own 3G/4G network. Currently, the operators are preparing tender on searching for a contractor that will establish new 3G/4G network. The tender is scheduled for the beginning of 2018.
Undoubtedly, the most expected events in Ukraine 2018 will increase well-being of each local and guest as well as of the whole country in general. Enjoy watching Ukraine evolve!
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