Mystical Places of Kyiv

Mystical Places of Kyiv

Kyiv is more than 1530 years old. This ancient city keeps a lot of secrets and has a number of really mystical places. We can help you to explore some paranormal areas in Kyiv.

Lysaya (bald) Mountain

Lysaya (bald) Mountain has been famous for its unfortunate reputation: witnesses say, that's where the witches fly together for the sabbath.
Bad fame of this mountain comes from the times of Batu Khan. Allegedly, he immured inhabitants of Kyiv in this place and their restless and unhappy souls still can’t find peace.

There is evidence that the murderer of Pyotr Stolypin (Chairman of the Council of Ministers served as Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Empire from 1906 to 1911) was executed here.
Later this mountain became a tomb of killed political criminals.

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World famous writer Mikhail Bulgakov described Lysaya Mountain, located close to Andriyivsky Descent of Kyiv, in his most famous work “Master and Margarita”. But actually there are several Lysaya Mountains in this city – most probably the reason for this is to hide the true location of the real mystical mountain.
Mystical events that are hard to explain happen on Lysaya Mountain at Podil even nowadays. The modern pagans come here for some rituals. Locals say that here you can meet ghosts and witches as well as to hear moans and cries.
Richard’s Castle

Podil area is really the most mysterious in the city due to its antiquity. Here, at Andriyivsky Descent, one of the most romantic, but at the same time mystical buildings of Kyiv is located. It is well known as Richard’s Castle.

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ZamokAccording to the legend, the castle’s plan was stolen from the architect who lived in St. Petersburg in the late nineteenth century. The castle was built in Kyiv but due to bad fame of that place nobody had been ever living there. There are strange sounds in the castle, like moans of ghosts. Beautiful but lonely this building is a kind of carte-de-visite of Andriyivsky Descent. 

Post Office

It is one of the most energetically unfavorable areas in Kyiv. In 1910 in the house of bourgeois Mrs. Dyakova at 22 Khreshchatyk street (today it is the building of the Central Post Office) the blankets, chairs and pillows suddenly began to fly.

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Frightened lady Dyakova called the police but the guards of law could not do anything with that mystical event, just to mention it in the official report.
Indeed, there are more mystical places in Kyiv. But please remember that certain places are filled with fantastic and fictive stories. And it’s worth knowing that Kyiv is famous for its rich history and magnificent architecture that for sure need to be explored.

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