New Beaches in Odessa 2017

New Beaches in Odessa 2017

This city is famous not only for its glorious history filled with breathtaking legends, but also for its natural beauty and a myriad of picturesque beaches, which attract both natives and tourists. This popular resort city is called Odessa and we propose you to find out the new beaches 2017. This beautiful and romantic city (situated on the south coast of Ukraine) can really be called a pearl of the Black Sea.

Every summer thousands of holidaymakers come to Odessa to lie on the sand, bask in the sun, breathe fresh sea air and bathe in the Black Sea. There are a lot of beaches in Odessa for a good vacation. The most popular ones are "Arcadia", "Chayka", "Chernomorka", "Dolphin", "Otrada", "Riviera", and "Luzanovka". However, there are also less popular beaches, such as Kryzhanovka, Katranka, Lesky, and Rasseyka, which are located on the outskirts of Odessa. Nevertheless, they have also gained their popularity among locals and tourists.
In addition to a myriad of these above-mentioned popular city places, Odessa has prepared new beaches in 2017 for its tourists who will arrive here this year, such as Big Fountain Beach, Zolotoy Bereg (Gold Coast) Beach, Sauvignon Beach, and Chkalovsky Beach.
New Beaches in Odessa 2017:
1. Bolshoy Fontan (Big Fountain) Beach

If you visit the Big Fountain Beach situated on the outskirts of the city center, you will totally forget about the bustle of everyday life. There are no so many tourists in this place. This is a small beach compared to other more popular Odessa’s ones. This beach got its name due to its numerous streamlets along the entire coast, which flow from the underground caves. Big Fountain beach is full of sanatoriums, hotels and recreation centers that lie along the coast. This beach is popular among Odessa’s residents. You can reach this place either by taxi, or by bus (142a, 218, 285). Just get off at the "13th station of Big Fountain".
2. Zolotoy Bereg (Gold Coast) Beach

Zolotoy Bereg is one of the most popular Odessa’s beaches among tourists and locals. It is situated at the 16th station of Big Fountain. According to local residents, a Turkish ship carrying gold on its board suffered a shipwreck near this coast. And for that reason, this beach is called the Zolotoy Bereg (Gold Coast) as a tribute of Odessa’s history.
This wide beach is great for both adults, and children. While parents will lie on the rented lounge chairs under umbrellas, their kids will jump on a trampoline situated on the playground. It’s a great place for a whole family recreation.
After bathing in the sea and basking in the sun, it is great to have a dinner in cafes or in a small restaurant, where you can dine under amazing live music at the weekend. You can reach the Zolotoy Bereg Beach by car, by tram (№18), or by bus (215, 223).
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3. Sauvignon Beach

Sauvignon beach is situated in the vicinity of Chernomorka. Holidaymakers will find new cottages, hotels, spa, tennis courts, yacht clubs, and restaurants on its territory. It should be mentioned that this Sauvignon beach belongs to the category of upscale beaches. So if you wish to enjoy your vacation to the fullest, this new beach in Odessa 2017 is just excellent for you and your friends.
4. Chkalovsky (Nudist) Beach

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If you want to get closer to nature, then a nudist beach called Chkalovsky will be your best choice. This clean, but small 30-meter beach is a perfect destination for all nudists, especially for women who prefer sunbathing topless. The nudist beach is situated near the Chkalovsky Sanatorium, almost downtown. You can get there by tram (№ 5). It will only take you 15 minutes.
Compared to other Odessa’s sandy beaches, there is gravel on the Chkalovsky beach. However, it is a perfect choice for health-conscious holidaymakers. There are a lot of beautiful cliffs in this place, where it is possible to lie all day long under the warm summer sun or contemplate the beauty of the sea.
Odessa is one of the best holiday destinations, which should be in the travel list, not only because of its natural beauty, but also because of its wonderful new beaches 2017 scattered all over the coast of the Black Sea.
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