New Flights from/to Ukraine: March 2018 News

New Flights from/to Ukraine: March 2018 News

2018 has only just begun, yet regularly graces travelers with wonderful news: Ryanair finally comes to Ukraine (this time for real), regular and low-cost airlines add flights from various Ukrainian cities, and Boryspil now will be accessible with a train. Destinations gathered a digest of March news for avid travelers.

To start with, a long-expected coming of Ryanair to Ukraine will finally take place in fall 2018. First announcements have stated that the Irish low-cost airlines will operate in Boryspil and Lviv airports. This month brings even more news — according to Ryanair's Chief Commercial Officer David O'Brien, the company plans to add flights to Kharkiv, Odesa and Kherson. The estimated date for Kharkiv is 2019.
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MyWay Airlines is another company to add Ukraine to their map — from late March-early April 2018, the Georgian airline will provide charter flights from Tbilisi to Ukraine. The list of destination cities to be announced.
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As for the new flights from Ukraine, Azur Air Ukraine adds new flight Kharkiv — Barselona — Kharkiv, available every Saturday from May 16. Departure from Kharkiv will take place at 3 P.M. with 5.50 P.M. arrival in Barcelona. As for the reverse route, Barcelona—Kharkiv will depart at 9.10 A.M. and arrive at 1.50 P.M.
Now, one of the most discussed additions to Boryspil airport is a highspeed railway track. Construction works are promised to begin no later than June 2018 and be finished by the end of the year. The new railway will enable passengers to get Boryspil airport in 35 minutes. At the moment, ticket price is estimated to be UAH 80—120.
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Finally, another project to broaden Ukraine's horizons: by 2020 the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine plans to make Bila Tserkva airport an international one. The plan should be implemented in 2018-2019 and includes the existing airfield reconstruction, as well as building a cargo complex, platform, and terminal.
Apart from Bila Tserkva, airports in Hostomel, Zhytomyr and Nizhyn will be upgraded the same way according to Volodymyr Omelian, the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine.
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