New Startup Services That May Appear in Kyiv

New Startup Services That May Appear in Kyiv

Latest years full of various reforms, startup ideas and public initiatives made Kyiv change in various aspects. Luckily, all this has started a snowball process of changing the capital for better: appearance of new public spaces, redesign of theaters, approval of the new transport ticket system, as well as numerous murals and art-objects certainly makes city more convenient and beautiful. Let's check out new startup services that may appear along with the existing ones.

On February 1, Kiev Smart City Hub hosted a competition for projects aimed at improving the quality of life in Kyiv. The jury selected seven projects. These projects will receive support from Kiev Smart City and Kyiv State Administration: technical assistance, administrative support and consultation at all stages of implementation. So, here are the winners:
EcoBrd: Being eco-friendly in the city
EcoBrd is a mobile app for those who want the capital to become an ecologically-friendly city. It shows location of public restrooms, containers for recycling, recycling facilities, including those accepting batteries, and government facilities. The program works like a usual map: it determines location of the user, finds the nearest needed point and makes a route. The project made by Penguins team of Berdiansk specialized school No. 16 has been working in Berdiansk for 8 months already. Now, heads of the project plan to cooperate with municipal services and recycling companies in Kyiv. EcoBrd will be free to download.
OnCharge: Alternative charging
Another app for those who care about environment, OnCharge is a Cloud service for controlling charging stations for electro cars. The company has not only developed the soft for this service, but is ready to supply charging stations as well. This software is compatible with any charging stations under the OCPP protocol — essentially, nearly every station made in Europe. OnCharge is pretty simple in use: user can find the nearest available stations, make a route, check the tariffs, availability, etc. The app also stores all user statistics and transactions.
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The project is two years old and has been launched at KLO gas stations already. By the end of 2018, about a hundred Type2 charging stations are planned to be installed in the city. The app is free, while the cost of one charging station with all software is about USD 2000.
Smart City Wallet: E-wallet
This app certainly eases the life in Kyiv: uses can make quick transactions in the city's digital infrastructure — for instance, pay for utilities or fines. Besides, electronic transport ticket can be connected to Smart City Wallet as well. User needs to attach a bank card to the app and open an account, where utilities and municipal services bills will be stored. It is convenient also for municipal services, as they will be able to send invoices online and track users' payments. This year authors of the project plan to start cooperation with Kyiv municipal enterprise КП ГіОЦ ("Main Information and Computing Center"). The app will be free for all users.
Генiй Парковки / Parking Genius: Polite driving
Born from the same name network, this mobile application informs the city authorities and community about violations of parking rules. Parking Genius functions like a mini-social network, which stores all information about drivers who have parked incorrectly. In order to register the case in the app's base, user needs to photograph the car and publish it. Besides, this message can be reposted in other social networks like Facebook. Geo-tags, time and date will be added automatically which is certainly time-saving.
Right now the program has a prototype, and project plans to start working with the municipal services of the big cities. Parking Genius needs about USD 15000 for their budget, however, app will be free of charge for users.
Green Road: Get in the flow
Another app for those who use private transportation, it allows users to determine the needed speed to get into the green wave on the road. Green Road app is synched with the city databases, the unified transport system and dataset of traffic lights. It automatically specifies location of the user and the speed they are going at, and then, based on the analysis of the data, the system recommends the needed speed to get into the green wave. 
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At the moment, this project is at the stage of concept, but soon authors plan to start cooperation with the traffic management municipality. Later, the creators of the project plan to program an artificial neural network, which will collect independently collect and analyze information. The app will be free for all users.
Overvis: A unified dispatch

This system is aimed mainly for providers of utilities, as well as private enterprises. Overvis will combine municipal utilities into a single control service. It gathers all information of the utility service work: resource consumption, as well as energy and resource saving plans with special equipment. All data will be sent to and stored in a cloud server and then analyzed, which will allow the company to reduce the equipment load.
Besides, the system will also alert about any accidents via SMS, e-mail and voice dialing. Overvis already works with urban lighting systems, heating networks and waterways in several cities, and now authors of the project plan cooperate with all utility enterprises in Kyiv. Prices vary depending on the size of the enterprise: a private client (for instance, a pumping station owner) will pay USD 180 for equipment and software, a large enterprise (a heating or water supply facility) — USD 180 for the installation of a special sensor of each facility plus USD 3500 per year for service. As for municipality (a number of large enterprises), Overvis will cost them about USD 5000.
Evolution: Electronic School
This app is essentially an electronic student diary. Evolution will install a testing system, which will offer the student recommendations for further studying based on their test results. This app can be installed on a computer, phone and other gadgets, which makes it conveniet for use. It contains a personal online account for each student, where one will be able to check grades and recommendations. Besides, teachers will be able to track the progress of each student.
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At the moment, Evolution app is a prototype in development. Authors of the project plan to implement the system at all Kyiv schools. Thus, in April 2018 they want to test prototypes at several educational institutions. The app is planned to be free for schools and students, however, the use of extended options will be charged.
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