New Tourist Routes in Lviv 2018

New Tourist Routes in Lviv 2018

The heart of Western Ukraine is blossoming each year. While locals make sure to install new art-objects, open new cozy cafes and draw even more beautiful murals, at the same time historical value, architecture and the spirit of the city are carefully preserved. This year, among other things, Lviv will add new tourist routes — let's see where they take us!

Trotted by millions of tourists (2.6 billion in 2017), Lviv certainly holds the status of the tourist mecca in Ukraine. In 2018, city authorities made sure to establish new tourist routes to attract even more guests. One of the key routes is 'Literary Map of Lviv', which has won the vote in the public project to revive the city. The guides will introduce guests to the buildings where famous writers of Galicia have lived, worked, and published their works. The main attention will be given to the points with the tightest contacts of national communities — Ukrainian, Polish, Jewish, German and others.
Moreover, visitors will have the opportunity to buy the map itself! It will contain information about works that mention Lviv, main literary points and interesting city quirks. The literary map is planned to be published in Ukrainian and English.
The second route will concentrate on the nowadays — to be precise, numerous murals and graffiti of Lviv. Destinations have already made a guide about the most interesting murals you can find in Lviv. Many of them won international acclaim, and were created in collaboration of renowned artists. This year, the guests of the city won't have to build the route in Google Maps, but be led by the guide, while listening to the art-object's history.
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Naturally, not only the new routes attract millions of tourists to the city of winding streets. The famous guide and author of numerous books on Lviv's history, Ihor Lylo, reflects on the spots he would certainly show to the first-timers in the city: "In terms of historical monuments I would show three things: the interior of the former city casino (now the House of Scientists), "At Lonsky" museum-prison and Lychakiv cemetery. And then I would take the person to one of the new "residential districts". Afterwards, they could enjoy the wonders of the Market Square area. In this case, the person will see the city from different angles".
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The Kumpel Tour tourist agency, co-founded by Ihor Lylo, has dozens of tours up its sleeve to satisfy everyone's wishes: romantic tours for lovers, beer and gastronomic tours to explore the local cuisine, holiday tours to feel the festive atmosphere, and even bicycle tours for those who can't be separated from their beloved transport. One of the most popular routes, 'Non-classical Lviv', leads tourists to the steps of the Roman Catholic Cathedral, Armenian Church, Boim Chapel, Old Rus and Jewish Quarters, which are bound to intrigue even those who've seen the city countless times.
Another famous Lviv guide is Ilko Lemko, who is also known for being a musician with own band, writer and publicist. Ilko has lived in the downtown his whole life, and insists that it hasn't changed a bit. The other things, however, did — and he's happy to tell about it during his tours. Since 2012, he cooperates with 'Chudo Tour' agency and works as an author of tourist routes and a guide. Lots of people are willing to squeeze into his tours, so make sure to prepare in advance. Ilko has several routes to show the city's majesty: The Legends of Old Lviv; Lviv – the Multinational City; Lviv – the City of Love and Lviv During the Times of Grandma Austria.
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No matter season or time of day, Lviv is a charming city worth discovering. Its winding streets and multilayered cultural background beg to be explored, and with the tourist routes to follow, it is more than possible.
Photo sources:, Львiв (Lviv) Facebook page, photos by @lviv1256 and @n/a. All images belong to their rightful authors.  

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