New Ukrainian Railway Destinations: December 2017

New Ukrainian Railway Destinations: December 2017

On December 10, 2017, new train schedule comes into effect on the territory of Ukraine, CIS, Baltic and EU countries. The new schedule ensures sufficient transport connection between Ukraine and European Union. Besides that, Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways) is going to launch more than 10 new domestic trains.

Yevgen Kravtsov, the Head of Ukrzaliznytsia, says that the new schedule will include completely new routes, and some of already existing routes will be elongated. In total, the schedule will consist of 190 pairs of trains: 110 all-year-round trains and 80 additional and summer season trains.
Mr. Kravtsov notes: “We want to guarantee our passengers high quality service along with comfortable schedule, and also to increase economic efficiency of Ukrzaliznytsia work. We will transport the maximal number of passengers using limited quantity of trains by virtue of using new transformer carriages. We are also expanding our connection with EU countries and introducing new prices, that encourage people to travel by trains more”.
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The Head of Ukrzaliznytsia has told that the updated schedule presents the following new train routes:
No 1/2 Ivano-Frankivsk-Kostyantynivka (night express, every second day);
No 12/11 Lviv-Odesa (night express, every second day);
No 26/36-35/25 Odesa-Yaremche, Przemyśl (daily train with two groups of carriages with different destinations, one of them is international)
No 36/35 Odesa-Przemyśl with joining/disjoining of carriages group in Lviv;
No 46/45 Uzhgorod-Lysychansk (daily);
No 38/738 Kyiv-Zaporizhia (night express Zaporizhia-Kyiv Intercity, daily);
No 128/127 Kovel`-Kharkiv (every second day);
No 146/145 Lviv-Chop (daily, this train includes special carriage that goes directly to Vienna by the new route Kyiv-Vienna);
No 329/330 Sumy-Shostka (four times a week);
No 747/748 Kyiv-Ternopil` (daily Skoda train);
No 753/754 Kovel`-Kholm (daily second pair with train No 751/752 Zdolbuniv-Kholm);
No 782/781 Kyiv-Cherkasy (daily regional express).
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The new train schedule was developed considering offerings from passengers in order to create the most comfortable schedule and routes for people. The following routes were changed due to passengers` requests:
Train No 15/16, which was going from Kharkiv to Chernivtsi, now will have its final destination in Rakhiv. It will allow people to reach resort area.
The route of train No 43/44 Ivano-Frankivsk-Kyiv will be elongated to Chernigiv during winter period.
The route of train No 136/135 Chernivtsi-Odesa will be elongated to Bilgorod-Dnistrovsky, so that passengers will be able to get to resorts of Odesa oblast’.
Considering numerous requests, the rout of train No 329/330 Sumy-Novgorod-Siverky is changed to Sumy-Shostka.
Travel with comfort choosing new Ukrainian railway destinations.
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