No Waste Ukraine Project

No Waste Ukraine Project

The main purpose of No Waste Ukraine (Ukrayina Bez Smittya) social project is to improve the conditions of environment, involving citizens into waste sorting. Sorting unloads landfill sites and contributes into development of recyclable materials processing market in Ukraine. Nowadays, the project activity areas are far beyond resolving waste problem, and include drinking water quality, clearness of air in cities, hazardous emissions in natural water reservoirs as well as many other ones.

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No Waste Ukraine eco community was established in 2015 with efforts of volunteers. After 7 months, it has turned into official social enterprise. The purpose of the community is to eliminate social problem and to earn money for introducing projects related to promotion and implementation of real waste sorting methods in Ukraine. No Waste Ukraine eco community looks toward building up an effective dialog with government in order to achieve goals faster and to start system changes for the benefit of clean and safe environment.
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No Waste Ukraine provides educational projects such as interactive lectures for school and university students, employees of international and Ukrainian companies and other population categories. The educational programs are created considering age of an audience and contain video materials, promo manuals and bright eco-boxes for sorting.
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The project has also launched “Mayster Dobrykh Sprav” (“Master of Good Deeds”) mobile waste collection station, a useful service for Kyiv dwellers and organizations, which helps to get rid of sorted waste in ecological manner. In working days, the car takes gathered recyclable waste out of Kyiv offices, and on weekends it stops in the most popular points of the city according to schedule in order to collect sorted waste from people.
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No Waste Ukraine offers ecological audit service for companies that are interested in being more eco-oriented and stable. Ecological audit helps to save financial resources of a company and natural resources of the country, to change consumer habits and to avoid causing damage to environment.
The project cooperates with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, administrations and public utility companies of cities.
No Waste Ukraine provides expert analysis of existing issues in the field of waste treatment to the leading media sources of Ukraine as well as takes opinion polls on the subject of environment issues on festivals, forums and other events.
The volunteers of the project believe that everyone is responsible for clearness and safety of environment.
We remind you that since January 1, 2018 in Ukraine new rules for sorting garbage come into force in accordance with the Law. According to it every Ukrainian must sort the garbage by categories: glass, paper and polymer materials. All used containers should be clean and washed.

Photo source: No Waste Ukraine Project Facebook page. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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